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Yippee kaaaaiii yAAAAAA!! Mother F*@ker!!! I wanna partayy....well, OK, not so much, it's just Kiss Army, but at least I'll be out of the house for awhile. Whatever... Maybe I can meet a cute boy/man. I did last time I saw them!! hehe.....shhhhh!!! (8-9 yrs ago!)
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Dawn Weatherbee

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Are you sure that's Texas? I've seen a LOT of launches(most from my lawn) but that sure looks like the Cape. Also, the grasshopper tests could be 1. to save time and resources collecting fuel cells and whatever else drops off during take off. 2. OR..if they are in Texas, they may have to take off and land over land, who wants that crap dropped on their heads? OUCH! Of course, they might not need that stuff and all of this is irrelevant anyway, so please, feel free to ignore my comments. :P DawnBee
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I have a gazillion diagnosed disease's, syndrome's and fibromyalgia(the most painful, in my opinion) oops, I forgot, chronic migraines and next to the fibromyalgia pain wise, chronic kidney stones. They hurt like hell.Despite all this, and my single status, I am still hoping to find true love. Again. I had it once and screwed it up, happiness has avoided me ever since. Karma is a bitch. And I believe it. I do love to read, find new music, and I have recently. The European rock/metal scene is amazing and flourishing! So many bands I've discovered lately (well, since last August~2013) Who are they you ask?Here's a couple:Epica, Nightwish, Delain, Revamp, Avantasia. MOST of these bands have a female and male lead singer. Be prepared for something new! :PThat's me in a nutshell. You want more? I don't know what to tell ya.💖DawnBee 💖