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Spiced Lamb Kebab

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Here you go
CONTEST WINNERS / Our 2nd batch of February #FanX Multi-day Pass WINNERS have been announced! Take a moment to see if your name is on the list:

Watch for our posts, and if you see SHARE TO WIN, share our post to enter to win a Multi-day Pass to FanX!

Anyone have any experience or knowledge with research in India?

Merchant processing advice. DON'T USE PHONE SWIPE. Or for that matter any of the traditional merchant services. I'm still stuck in the Phone Swipe trap and just got a convoluted letter on how to disconnect telling me to return my card reader, the tiny one that plugs into the jack, or pay $150! No end to the hidden fees. On the other hand I've used square for 3 years now with absolutely zero unexpected charges. Please do yourselves a favor and when any salesman comes by offering any merchant service that is not Square (you'll never have a Square salesmen come by, they don't exist), tell them to go to hell.

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I have a question for the community. So this is my wife and I's business. We own a food cart in Downtown Salt Lake. It's been a good business for us, but it's time to grow.

So here's my question. We want to franchise, but we're not sure how to reach a market for it. The basic product outline is that the franchisee would get a cart and franchise license for somewhere between $10-15k. Within the state we would offer a lease to own type deal.

So we've got a good idea, but like everything in business we need to be able to reach a market. Does anyone have any experience with this type of market? What advise could you offer?


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The other day I put up a cosplay of SAO Klien. Someone requested I post the closeup of the bracers. Here they are.

For the final product I aged them by dipping them in hot water and using a cloth to wipe off the excess dye before it had set. The bracers are made using two layers of saddle skirting stitched together by hand. If I made them again I would spend more time cutting the hand part out, and I wouldn't use glue, also the rivets for that part were too long and so they bent out of shape.
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So if anyone isn't aware of the suckfest that is the "cosplay" community (That's a different community than this one). I posted this picture, and it's apparently dull, and poorly executed. It was removed from feed. So, me, a bewildered amateur will post it here. Please like it and say "Oh cool dude, that leather armor looks pretty neat. Keep learning and improving!" Because holy crapoly. I though cosplay was about having fun.

Let's grow this community. Please let anyone  you know who cosplays that this community is here, and take a second and repost our guerrilla marketing photo to the "cosplay" community. Cheers!~Dustin
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