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Simplifying Getting Rid of Acne
Simplifying Getting Rid of Acne


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How A Theory Of Crime And Policing Was Born, And Went Terribly Wrong
Decades ago, researchers introduced a new theory of policing. It's called 'broken windows' and is seen by many as a cure-all for crime. But the idea is often used in ways its creators never intended. (Image credit: Image Source/Getty Images )

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Leaked Docs Prove Counter-Terror Ops Used To Silence 'Jihadist' Water Protectors at Standing Rock
Newly obtained documents show TigerSwan coordinated with myriad government agencies to spy on NoDAPL water protectors, whom they called 'terrorists,' likening activists to 'jihadist fighters.'

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What You Need To Know About The Humanitarian Crisis Happening In Your Own Backyard
We're all responsible for one another....

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Got 30 Minutes? The Ultimate HIIT Jump Rope Workout
Photo: Courtesy of Justin Patterson This is a partial workout. Read the rest onLife by Daily Burn. When was the last time you jump roped? If it was as a kid during class recess, now's a good time to get back into the rhythm of things. The jump rope is not only a fun workout to turn up the sweat,

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The Environmental Impact Of Eating Vegan For Just One Day
In case you needed another reason to commit to meatless Mondays....

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Trump Asked Comey To Shut Down Flynn Investigation
President Trump asked then-FBI Director James Comey to close down an investigation into his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, NPR has confirmed. (Image credit: Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

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Apple Peels Documented To Kill Cancer Cells
The old adage, 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away,' rings truer than ever when examining the scientific evidence showing that eating apples can help kill cancer cells. While apples themselves are known to have many disease-fighting benefits, mounting evidence shows you shouldn't remove the

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29 Photos That Celebrate The Moment Women Became Moms
There are few moments in life that are as singular or utterly transformative as when a woman becomes a mom. When she sees her brand-new baby after hours of hard labor, or steps off the plane with her newly adopted child, everything feels intense and wonderful ― and even a bit surreal. And that

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The Gut-Protecting Tropical Fruit You Should Eat Before Your Next Night Out
A delicious fruit that can protect the body from alcohol? Sounds good to us....

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To Bring Down Stubbornly High Blood Pressure, It Helps To Have A Team
A quick prescription and annual lecture from a doctor often aren't enough to help people control hypertension. So some clinics now mobilize teams of health pros to motivate and support patients. (Image credit: Wendy Rigby/TPR)
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