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Karynn Ikeda
Brown University alumna, social media strategist, budding event producer.
Brown University alumna, social media strategist, budding event producer.

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Lost keys? Misplace your wallet? Tile seems like the super easy answer to the problem of lost objects, and so far its solution has been ratified by more than 11k backers; that's more than 3000% of the initial funding goal.

And the Tile team is thinking ahead: waterproof and no batteries to replace. But here's the catch: you're initial Title purchase $18.95 (and likely to go up) will only last you a year. Now, it's not the price that bothers me (at this price, Tile is less than a bus ticket per month), but the whole pricing model.

If people need to rebuy a Tile each year, this need to be a subscription based model. Instead of buying the Tile outright, people should rent the Tile. The company could then use different pricing tears for how many Tiles they rent to you (with the goal of having people select larger bundles with higher savings per Tile attached). 

I say this because buying a piece of hardware that only lasts a year already turns me off. But if I had the idea that I was buying a year-long subscription or even month-to-month (for which they could charge higher premiums), then it doesn't seem like a rip-off. It's basically lost item insurance.

Yesterday, I met up with a friend from college. We hadn't seen one another in probably three or more years. He's been working on a CRM app, and so the conversation quickly veered to relationships: how one creates them, the social and technological limitations of maintaining, and the value of networking.

We both noted that humans have a cognitive limit to the number of human relationships they can maintain. This comes out of research by Robin Dunbar, Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Oxford, and was popularized by Malcolm Gladwell's book, "The Tipping Point." The number hovers around 150. The reasoning behind this is that the brain needs to keep track of not only how you know a person but also how that person is connected to everyone else in your network. Then there is the limitation of time because there are simply not enough hours in the day to touch base with everyone.

The question that comes to mind is do social networking technologies like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. extend this limitation - effectively enabling us to have more "relationships" - or do they serve as more of a tracking list of people with whom we probably don't have any real relationship.

Let's face it, a person with a million followers has probably interacted one-on-one with less than 1% of them. 

I think it's somewhere in between, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts before this post gets any longer...

So it came to me today that G+ would be a good place to share my thoughts on how I use and observe different uses of technology. Perhaps I will be updating here more...

Chillin at the #MITTRSummit!

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Thoughts from a friend.

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Working on the video production team at Google I/O. This is my perspective of Google's annual developers conference.
Behind the Scenes at Google I/O
43 Photos - View album

Trying out the new Google+. What are your thoughts so far?

Ok if Buffer adds Google+, I promise to update here more often. I may just use Google to sort through my photos for Facebook. 

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Added photos to Google I/O 2013.

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I haven't been on Google News in a while, but when did they introduce News Badges?

"Collect private badges for your favorite topics. The more you read, the more your badges level up: you can reach Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and finally Ultimate. Keep your badges to yourself -- or show them off to your friends!"

I'm not sure how I feel about the gamification of my reading habits. It seems a little weird, but I know some people think it's the future:

To be honest, I do think we'll see more of these badges and awards. It's a trend that's coming (and been coming, and I'd place money on it if it were a stock.
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