iPhone Photo Toaster

iPhone Apps - I have tried quite a few photo processing apps including Photoshop which in all honesty is a bit weak, its a good job it was a freebie... However I have found two that work really quite well together true HDR and Photo Toaster Most of the functions to a large extent mimic what can be done in Adobe camera raw from a normal camera plus more filters than I will probably ever use. Sort of like what Photoshop was in version four - yes that's 4 not CS4, over the years Adobe has seen fit for some reason known to themselves alone to have steadily reduced the number of filters many of which have been sorely missed by this long time Adobe user, at one point until I worked out specific actions to replace the filters I had four versions of PS on the same computer! Photo Toaster allows one to crop I can't find a resize function which would be useful for posting to the web especially if one happens to have an iPhone 4 which with a bit of careful capture and processing can be printed out an A3 page size and maybe more with a bit of effort. The file size from the iPhone 4 is too big for most web posts. I Really like Photo Toaster and feel that it represents phenomenal value for money.
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