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Here is one of my favorite takedowns from the grapple.
Those following Sensei Ando from on his Instagram account ( ), got a sneak peek of this last week on my meetup with him in LA.

If you alter your counter-hook to go inside, the opponent will move, or change to counter again. If you go to the outside and leave it, they think they still own the superior position.

Be careful to get your position right and guard your centerline, groin, etc. Once you feel they are in the right spot - BAM!!!


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If you don't know how to manage distance in a fight, you are headed for failure!

In this video, Sifu Randy Brown of Mantis Boxing shares some tips on putting yourself in a position to survive, not die! :)

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Happy training! :)

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Tiny details can sometimes mean the big difference between success and failure. Here Randy Brown explains how simple leg re-positioning can save you from getting choked out by a guillotine when caught by a BJJ practitioner.

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Insurance companies are set up to pay for medication, not lifestyle change; and physicians are taught pharmacology, not nutrition.

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The guillotine defense from Eagle Claw is an excellent counter. It has some trouble holding up to today's world of grappler's that know what to do on the ground. Here's a counter for the guillotine we like to use in Mantis Boxing juxtaposed against the Eagle Claw version.

Enjoy this little callout to the Kung Fu movies of old - 'Eagle Claw vs Mantis'.
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Split Carry setup and ankle lock finish. Separate upper and lower in this knee pick takedown found in Mantis Boxing as well as Taijiquan. Also known as - Needle to Sea Bottom/Fan Through Back. Thanks for watching and subscribing to the channel. 

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Are you a parent wondering what the difference in martial arts are for your child? What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?
Here are some reasons why, after 18 years of doing Mantis Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and other styles of martial arts, I believe this is hands down, the best martial art for your kids.

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Here is Part 2 of our episode on How to Hook Grapple Pluck -

How do you setup all the hooking, grappling, plucking found in Mantis Boxing while getting punched??? Here are some options from the defensive side, as well as some details with the wrist movements, contact/cling, etc.

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The Waist Chop throw found in Mantis Boxing (Tang Lang Quan) and Ultimate Boxing (Tai Ji Quan). Holly assists in the clinch with active hooks engaged...

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