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Still not enforcing the laws we have

There are "santuary cities" that will harbor illegal immigrants, arguing that you can't judge a whole group based on a few bad apples, but the same cities will vote against your right carry a firearm because people with guns sometimes murder people.

No one gets a non-resident permit from any jurisdiction in the state of California, and California has no reciprocity agreements = you don't have the same rights as the state residents. Meanwhile, California lawmakers are working on becoming a sanctuary state, so you can live there even if you're not an American citizen or even a legal alien. So, at least theoretically, they could be issuing permits to legal residents of other countries, while prohibiting everyone from the other 49 states. #leftistlogic

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New twist on a classic.

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Do you have children or nephews that would enjoy playing with toy guns, but you can't find decent ones? Check out some of videos on parabellum1262's channel, and make your own.

Hi all. Anyone happen to know of a source for 2-line checkering files?

HMPH! After explaining that USPS signature required deliveries are a pain in my ass and requesting UPS or FedEx at least twice, 1911 Builders went ahead and shipped with USPS signature required anyway. Thanks for the amazing customer service, asshole!

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If you are a real gun geek, you should find this quite interesting.

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M&P 15-22 25 round magazines on sale for $11.99 at MidwayUSA
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