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Updated: The new social network chain mail: Are you being scammed

Man “earns” £11,000 through Twitter by betting against his boss that he could get retweeted
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1000 pounds without fowl play? Nice!
seen the same deal on Google+
His boss is still right though.
+Jay Sales Yeah, I hear the trend started over on LinkedIn. I doubt many are for real.
Hmmm think I'll try that - ya with me, boys? ;o)
These things always work for the first person to come up with the idea, everyone else has to come up with their own idea. Hmmmm...I doubt my boss will have read about this though...
He didn't earn anything. The whole thing is an attention grabbing hoax. The blog post (conveniently on a company site) claims the boss didn't even pay up, and commentators there are already calling this guy on the fact that that his story is already changing (first the boss was female, now male).
What gets me with these things is why people are so gullible and not willing to be just a little bit skeptical. They're so caught up in their desire to 'help the little guy out' , probably because they have a boss that they don't get along with too, that all reasoning goes out the window.

It's the same as with the Steve Jobs pic from the other day. Everyone is so blinded by the need to display sympathy, that they don't suspect it might be a fake.
we're digging, follow up piece on the way
+Sherilynn Macale Err. Other than being cynical and skeptical, I have no further information about what's going on here. I don't know how else I could contribute.
Just liked a guys post http:/ on LinkedIn that had made a bet with his boss. His boss thought LinkedIn was a waste of time and was willing to pay him USD1 for each like. He's up to 19,676 likes at the moment...
+Kristina B. I am talking about how it was spread in Twitter Gadaffi's dead, just like you said. Missinformation in the XXI is social.
Alright you guys. Great perspective. Piece coming up in the next 30 or so (provided nothing breaking happens first).
For me LinkedIn is a fairly serious and boring place, all business and little fun so I found it credible. And it cost me all of one mouse click so I can't say my reputation for being a general sceptic has been overly tarnished :-)
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