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Reasons I check my voicemail.
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That's what I love about the iphone, you can delete them without listening to them.
I hate hearing a voice message where the person goes "....*click*" why the hell did you listen to my voicemail greeting, hear the beep, stay silent for a second and hang up? Voicemail has been around for yonks!
Glad I'm not the only one that feels that way. 
This is sooooo true. In the text message erra, why do people ever leave voice mails.  Or I hate the "Call me back it's important." I never call back on those just out of spite. 
I no longer setup the voicemail when I get a new phone. You need me text me. 
Google Voice makes checking voicemail a lot more fun. 

Those badges drive me nuts, too...

The only notification badges I let stay on my apps is my Klout score!
yeah. whats the use of voice mail. texting is so much more convenient
i forgot my password to my voice mail so i don't need to worry about it.
I have many friends who use the phone and don't txt... especially on the rez, and of course my mom
Why not use google voice? Free visual vm, stays as long as you want, transcribed and texted to you if you want.
but seriously... how effective in telemarketing?
The transcription in Google Voice sucks right now.  Hopefully it gets better soon because accurate transcription would be incredibly useful.  Right now, it's only good for a laugh.
+Craig Spanton Yes, I agree completely. I love GV. But let's be realistic, the voicemail transcriptions are completely worthless. :P
Unfortunetly...sooooo true!!!! Lol!!! :/
Switch to Google Voice ... PROBLEM SOLVED.
Then you don't have a stupid voice mail icon either like me :D
yeah I got rid of sprint's crappy visual voicemail.. google voice is way better, though yes, trasncription sucks... though usually I can get enough out of it to call my friends back 
At work, I have NEVER checked my voice mail  It's e-mail or the Highway
Voicemail feels very 1900. I haven't used voicemail in five years and I don't miss it one minute.
If i don't pick up the phone people contact me in some other way.
Everyone asks me whether I heard their voice mail and I always say no. In this day and age we can leave messages that aren't so time consuming to process. :-)
so true. Actually I've switched off  voicemail on my mobile and at home currently. may do the same at work.

Everyone who gets in touch has another contact mechanism they can use, and voicemail is just less efficient for many things

OH - I used to develop a voicemail platform ;-)
Damn... I wanna be in minority ;)
hahaha....good one...
It could add, so people will stop informing me that my voicemail is full. I know I'm the one who hasn't checked it. Bahahaha
I have the voicemail turned off. Text me or call back later.
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