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Can Arrington recreate TechCrunch? Because that’s exactly what he’s planning on doing…
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Surely AOL didn't let him out with no 'Do Not Compete' clause...
Low barrier to entry, little first-to-market advantage, name recognition already achieved. No problem except lawyers if he has some kind of non-compete.
I think Arrington totally has it in him to make a great tech startup blog. I don't think he should use the name though. It would be like Facebook calling itself "Notgoogle". There's only so far that will get you.
Why wouldn't he? He's got the name recognition and the connections and with all the controversy over him leaving a lot of people will tune in just to see what wacky things happen next. It's a can't lose proposition.
His last tweet said he is not blogging as a business. Sounds like he just likes to blog about startups so he will continue to do so.
As I said two days ago at ONA: The reason he wanted to get fired by AOL is so that he could exit without a noncompete and do precisely that... It's a beautiful exit strategy that takes advantage of Aol's apparent inability to, you know, think about the way TC functions. I mean, come on. Anyone who actually follows this stuff this closely (I only do because of past work with +Jason Calacanis) could've predicted precisely that.
It's not that difficult really. He built Techcrunch, while AOL only bought it. They don't have what he has. There are probably some restrictions on what he can do, but come on, +michael arrington has the audience already, AOL bought the audience which does not lend itself to loyalty.
That was exciting for a whole 10 seconds (as in, until I read the update). Man, it would have been fun to watch +michael arrington uncrunch Techcrunch.
Maybe he will commission an UncrunchedPad with Uncrunched blog.
Since Mike was whisked away, I now only scan very quickly through the headlines, instead of clicking on every post and reading almost all of them ... an empty shell of what was phat. Hope he gets something going ... *
If I didn't want to worry about losing control of a site i'd started, this is what I would do:

1/ not sell the site for to someone else.
2/ that's it.

Wish Arrington would stop being such a crybaby over this. At least he can wipe his tears away with $100 bills. 
Does anyone take him seriously anymore? Seriously, the guy is a loose cannon that has alienated huge chunks of the tech community.

He sold to AOL for far more than it was worth (about 10 times as much quite frankly) and once again he's crying tears from what was obviously a poor deal in the first place.

I guess the Crunchpad taught him zero.
Wow, amazed at the level of "hate." Really uncalled for, and so not necessary. Arrington is a serial entrepreneur that's what they do, start stuff. I don't think he is whining nearly as much as his former competitors who somehow think this means more for them. Instead of focusing on start ups, ventures, etc, they have been focused on him. Arrington earned his props unlike most of the start ups that get bought and are never heard from again. So, final thought. Worry about you, not +michael arrington because he's doing just fine.
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