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How long before the first celebrity joins the party? Who do you think will be the first one? Ashton Kutcher?
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Larry Page would probably qualify. :)
A list? Hmmmm I hope Lady Gaga and yes, I know cliche. But I think she is pretty amazing.
Ashton Kutcher was already asking somebody for an invite; I wish I could remember who.
I think Kutcher and Gaga are front runners too. Weird Gaga isn't already here, she did visit Google recently for that interview, she must have the connections ;D
Why not Justin Timberlake? he just bought Myspace lol
One thing for sure verified accounts must be coming soon too!
Mark Cuban is already here, along with Soljaboi (or however it's spelled, and his being a celebrity is questionable).
Zachary: He would probably not use his real name. :)
M.Zuckerberg poke us if that's really you :D
Yesterday +Robert Scoble had said that Ashton had asked him for an invite. I'm surprised he's not already here.
we found larry page and mark zuckerberg,.... are they celebs? :-)
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