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For all my friends turning 30 (or already in their 30's...) . This video is for you.
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I'm 30 very very soon, too soon. :)
To those of us in our 50's you in your 30's are still young.
People make it sound like being 30 is being old, I'm getting tired about it and pissed. At ~30 you are still in good shape and more importantly you have better means to do what ever you want than when you were 20. I'm not 30 yet but people make it feel like we now should have our crisis at 30 instead of 40.
Well the good thing is I'm always doing crazy stuff so no one will notice if I actually have one. And I'm planing to stay crazy all the way to the day of my death. People at 80's have broke speed records and done amazing stuff.
I am 52 and still act like 18 untill wife or wisdom stops me
This was great, and affects more people than most people want to admit and realize. So don't just comment, but comment and reshare.
Your late cabron by like 3 days. Already played out...
30 these days...most have no idea how easy they have it
that was a funny parody
luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It could have been shorter and just as funny. I think I entered a new decade watching the entire thing.
If they're not young, what are their parents? Grandparents?
Answer: previews of coming attractions.
I will never be old. I'll have the wisdom of a sharp 80 year old woman, and still have the joy and excitement about life, as I did when I was in my "ten's".. (not teen's, ten's)...
Ibee welcomes the 30s. I agrees with Miss Mona. Your exoskeleton may look crappy but the mind with always remain ("delusionally") happy!
I'm turning 30 this year and I'm just getting my shit together
God.. This makes me sad. I gotta do something.
Guy pouring the last of the wine bottle while holding the baby. XD
OMG that was hilarious.. this spoofs my favorite song
you are not getting older, you are getting better. it's up to you
LOL my 30s have been my best years of my life!!! i'm confident I love myself.. my confidence is it's highest! I'm excited about life.. loving new things!
That is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Fantastic, Thank you for this
Funny, this is all over G+ but not on that LAME social network...
As someone significantly past 30 I can say these feelings don't go away they simply get more intense =)
but wait im about to be thirty.. should i be concerned?
Buahahahhaahah. Got to love Yahoo
+Christopher Taylor. Im 36. And I'm just now getting my shit together. I look like I'm 25 and feel like im 18. Old is in your head.
omg if i could get t on i tunes that will be awsome
makes me feel even older now...
that was hilarious! glad it popped up on my stream..
What about us in our 40s
I'm 34... So far, being single and in my 20's were the best parts of my life so far. But we'll see what the future brings.
wow tht was hardcore.....smashing the bottle on ur head bro( 3:15) it....
lmfao...This was great! I just turned 37 & most of it's true;)
not there yet but it feels like it's creeping up on me
lol...I just turned and this song just depressed me even more...j/k I love it!!!
I'm so happy I've gone beyond this pretense and life-fantasy. It's called maturity, and it is a coming into one's self.
Just turned 30 this year!
Just turned thirty, single, living with sister, don't own a house, no savings, decent but dead end job, I too watch modern family, im glad i don't own a gun :)
"Fun. - We're Not Yo..."
This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Yahoo! Inc..

That is the saddest most hilariously accurate parody song ever! :-D :(
Yahoo....U can kiss my A$$. Cant wait till u r bankrupt.
Not allowed to view it now :( dang yahoo.
Found to reload. :) seems to be the norm around this area.
video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Yahoo?
This video no longer available due to copyright claim by Yahoo!

you can watch it on the yahoo site. they probably want you to watch it there, not on g+....
Er Vin
Looool i'm not yet on my thirties but i find this song really funny. I can see myself going this path tho gasp. Btwd i love the orig. Song.
nooooooooo we late.. its been removed... sighhhh...
No... video removed by yahoo! due to copywrite violations.
search we are not young yahoo on utube and it will come up
Hahaha. I knew a parody of the song would be made sooner or later!
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