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Love the fact that the Surface is significantly different to the iPad. Microsoft's own take on what a tablet should be.

Google should take note.
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Still waiting on the price-tag... 
Microsoft has traditionally had to serve a business market.
They have actually done a good job here.  It'll be nice to see it in action.
Looks like it +E Narcisse - specialized for the tablet itself.  Still provides capacitive touch though.  Looks like pen mechanism will provide precision that normal touch would not.
Well then that settles my thoughts on the matter. The only reason I was never really interested in an iPad is because they didn't have pen input.

Before someone tries to debate that point, I'd just like to preface that specific rebuttal by saying: no, fat crayola sized glitchy input is not pen input.

edit: Not sure about this tablets pen input yet. They haven't said what type of digitizer it has. It could be terrible or it could be wacom. I'm still waiting to find out.
My hold off has always been the lack of keyboard.  This is obviously addressed by Microsoft with the Surface although I want to see reviews before I commit
Keenly waiting for a video demo of this :)
Again they failed with pricing, RTM + 3 months? Failers, what a shame... I would actually live to see Microsoft skyrocketing, but aint gona happen today...and they are still prototypeing, Apple allready deliverd and price-ruled :S
+Zee M Kane totally agreed here, kinda one ups the launch of the nexus tablet as well, Microsoft just won the tablet game as well as officially ended the laptop game all in one swift stroke, the key here will be the price, they MUST price this competitively to make this work, and to save their own bacon
Too early to comment when there is no pricing available. Pricing is going to be a huge component on its success. 
It's what struck me most too - and hats off to MS for trying something different. The combination of proper hardware acceleration and modern web engine is very potent, despite misgivings on the form factor.
I'm not sure I fully agree on the price side +Edmund Rojas and +C.J. Land - While they didn't announce definitive pricing, they did indicate a competitive pricing scheme.  The most pivotal element I think will actually be the battery life of these suckers.  Apple has made some amazing strides on the battery side of the house - if Microsoft doesn't have good screen time on these things, they will likely fall flat.
+David Moore the average consumer doesn't care about specs tbh, its only us geeks that really care about that, they just wanna have a cool revolutionary product, technical things like battery life/processor they don't even know what that means lol
Hmmmm...  I agree to a large extent +Edmund Rojas, but not necessarily on battery.  I agree they could care less what kind of processor, how many "mega-hurts", and don't know RAM from a scam...  As long as it feels zippy and responsive they're cool.  But even the average consumer will balk at a device that runs only for a couple hours, especially when one of the differentiating features of the tablets are their longer battery life (that and of course the touch screen.)
Hey +Zee M Kane  what the hell was going through your mind while writing such a ???? of thoughts.
+David Moore So if price is not as important.....what happens when the MS tablet comes out at $999?  Thoughts?  Is it still an iPad Killer?
Nope - not an iPad killer at that point.  Sorry - I wasn't trying to diminish the importance of price.  I was optimistic (perhaps stupid on my part) that Microsoft indicated that prices should come across comparable with current tablet offerings.  If that is low, even mid-point Andriod, they have a winner.  If it is high end iPad they have their work cut out for them.  I think Microsoft understands this and may actually look at extremely low profits, setting price to get their foot in the door.  They are DOA right now in the mobile / tablet space and need to work some magic to get rolling.
+David Moore I would agree with that point.  remaining stagnant and doing nothing is not going to help their case.  giving up some profit for market share may be a good move.  the core competency that Apple has over everyone is a well integrated supply chain.  hard to complete on Apple on price in this area....but MS has the support on the enterprise side....which is something that Apple has never been well at.  

On the IOS side, if Apple would have made the application building process easier and allowed enterprise workgroups to quickly build apps, they could have really had a huge advantage (and mindshare) with the enterprise folks.  This is where MS can dominate.
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