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What's your favourite of app (web, mobile or desktop) of 2011 so far excluding Google+?

Mine: Boomerang for Gmail, honestly couldn't currently live without it.
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Pulse and Camera+ for the iPhone. Hands down use them more than just about any other app.
SwipePad for Android. Get to my 9 fave apps from anywhere on my phone with just a swipe? Hell yeah!
Opera Mini, and Snaptu in my Mobile. I can access blogs and sites on Snaptu.
+Jon Dye because loads of people will say it here on Google+, no doubt
its hand to decide yet,hhha
may be gmail or gmap or brower?
Spotify on Android (at least now that it's finally in the U.S.)
Bitnet to Internet Converter with Tube Modem Accelerator
Shameless plug here: "Cowboys and Aliens: The Kids" which is the app kids book my company published with is a donation vehicle for Starlight Children's Foundation (I donate $.25 cents of every app sold to them) and it was written by the creator of the movie and the graphic novel, but is an original story about kids playing, sharing and becoming friends as a result. I am sorry to promote the app here, but honest to goodness, it is my favorite and passed muster with my 5.5 year old who LOVES it
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You can turn individual emails back on and restore all your original settings at any time.
I was just seeing if anyone read other people's post...I know I don'
Not really "of 2011" but here it goes: SportsTracker (android).

I exercise daily thanks to this app. It motivates me to get on my bike and go for a 50km ride.
Early Bird Alarm for Android [Market Link] - I have this amazing alarm set to only turn off when I scan a QR code. I have the QR code in my bathroom, so now I head straight to the shower when I wake up, scan the code, then turn on TuneIn Radio while I shower. Both are outstanding!
+Brad McCarty oh i didn't necessarily mean it had to go live in 2011 - could just be a breakthrough app of 2011 :) Cheeky son of a...
I know you like Boomerang but I prefer Shush
Spotify, but I can't use it now; as I'm in India.
Fedora 15 KDE as a replacement for Windows 7. I can compile faster in Linux.
Siege Hero. :) I like it better than Angry Birds.
Some of my most used apps on my android: DoggCatcher (awesome podcast app), SwipePad (innovative shortcut app for Android, jump to 12 apps from anywhere), Llama (location based profiles), QuickPic (much much better than the original Gallery app), Titanium Backup (a must if you like to install custom roms). Oh, and Reddit is Fun :D
I haven't tried Boomerang but from what I have seen of it Activeinbox is far superior. I rely on this to keep my inbox empty and to set/follow up priorities.

The other gmail plugin which is very useful is Rapportive which lets me know of the social media connections of everybody who sends me emails. I use this all the time to create new connections with people.
LinkedIN's iPhone app, I've been using this heavily for the past few days. Really useful for massive networking.

Alien Blue (Reddit), Read it Later, and Dropbox (both desktop and mobile). Nike BOOM for gym, and AroundMe for dining out
If you are asking new app then Spotify has to take the prize for how it will change the music landscape.
+Kevin Skobac, will it put in some shrubs and maybe a path or two? Maybe a pond with a small waterfall? :)
TweetDeck for the Web, keeps me updated [and out of focus], Yammer on Web. Evernote on Mobile
Hootsuite on my phone, springpad on the web, and Photoshop cs5 on my desktop. Not really new, but these are my most essential apps I've been using this year. 
Oh, and definitely chrome on my desktop, pretty much takes care of everything 
Read it Later, providing cleaner offline version of all the stuff I want to catch up on for easy consumption during my commutes. Also helps me get rid of a lot of browser tabs waiting for me to get back to them.
1st place goes to SwipePad with all the extras. It gives you a new phone. A close second place goes to MessagEase, which is simply brilliant for imputting and editing text, symbols and numbers from one single UI with just one hand. It takes some getting used to but is quite brilliant for those of us with large digits!
Mine's Google Art Project & Autodesk Homestyler, using Chrome as browser.
Swipepad + recently used apps should be standard on all phones for multitasking!!
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Camera+ is certainly the most used, but Wunderlist is quite handy, too.
ClougMagic App is awesome for searching Multiple Gmail, Google Apps, Google Docs accounts and files.
All my Android Apps but the ONE that really sticks out is Rapportive. How I ever got along with out all that free and effortless info is beyond me. Why it wasn't built into e-mail in the first place a mystery.
Absolutely Zite for iPad. But: is there another browser that's more versatile than Safari? Tried Perfect, but no real luck w/it. ??
I am mostly satisfied with the Google Reader App. But, when travelling abroad, Locations is a life saver. So these are really my two favorite ones. Extra mention to ES File Explorer for file management purposes...
The FB people are going nuts this morning complaining about the changes...the new moving feed is really annoying,,,as bad as a flashing ad
Mine set with Dropbox, RDP, CCleaner
Thanks, Zee. Even though +Brad McCarty is precisely correct about our launch date, I have to agree with you in that Boomerang came into maturity in 2011. So thank you both. :) For me, I got super excited about ifttt and (We actually bought the domain Tweetvalve to implement the same idea but never got around to making it.) My favorite so far (excluding things we make and G+) is Concentrate.
NewsSquared (webapp for faster Google Reader news checking), Evernote, Wunderlist, Clementine (desktop music player), Dropbox, Skype and Subjot (social site). And I'm also heavy user of VLC and Chrome. All of these are cross-platform because I use Win7 and Mac as well.
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