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only discovered this track yesterday but it's already my favourite song of the year… (this isn't the official music video but it's better than the official i feel)

love singing corny love songs to my dog when a little drunk… "Rufee you're just too good to be true…"

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Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, is pregnant! Will have her first child October 7!

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I wouldn't be best pleased…. "Ms. Mayer resigned from Google on Monday afternoon by telephone. She starts at Yahoo on Tuesday."

Congrats all the same +Marissa Mayer 

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So I took an Über town car for one journey, cost me $21. Took the exact same journey back in an UberX and it cost $11. Now we're talking.

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Still no official Foursquare for iPad? Surprised.

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the beginning of this video is one of the scariest (if not the scariest) things i've ever heard. It's real too...
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