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Populas alba
Here is Emblem CCXI, the Populas
alba , or the White Popular Tree, which I mentioned in my initial post on Alciati's
emblem book:  From our quarto edition Herculeos crines bicolor
quod populus ornet, Temporis alternat noxque
diesque vices .  Because Hercule...

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Non tibi, sed religioni (Not for you, but for religion)
I’m going to follow up on my last post by presenting
readers with a somewhat less mediated look at the Emblemata . My plan is simply to use the space of my next few posts to
display emblems from Alciati’s book followed by a transcription of the Latin
text t...

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                                         Emblemata The Center’s collection has two copies of Alciati’s Emblematica , both printed in 1591 by the
Leiden branch of the Plantin printing dynasty. Surprisingly, however, these two
books are not actually the same ...

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I’m going to devote this post to looking at a few examples
of printing from the Aldine Press. Aldine editions of classical literature were
both essential for the dissemination of ancient learning during the Renaissance
and extremely innovative in terms of t...
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