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These are the most important Google Plus directories I found until now. I hope I didn't miss other important ones, but if I did, just leave me a comment on the original post:

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1. Find People On Plus -
This directory has more than 31 million G+ profiles indexed. You can search for G+ users by MANY FILTERS like location, occupation, employer, education, gender, relationship, interests and many more. You can also find an interesting GOOGLE+ INFOGRAPHIC and NEWS about Google Plus.

2. Social Statistics -
Social Statistics not only that shows you a top of the most followed users, but also the "Hottest Google Plus Posts" (by +1's, shares or comments.) Adding yourself to the directory allows you to track your very own Google+ profile, giving you FOLLOWERS STATISTICS AND CHART! Also, the Google+ Statistics WIDGET helps you to promote your Google+ account on your blog or website. Get also the Social Statistics extension made by +Tetsuya Kitahata from here:

3. CircleCount -
This directory has more than 4.8 million G+ profiles indexed. CircleCount not only that allows you to see the most followed G+ users and gives you NICE CHART AND STATISTICS for your account, but you can also look for the most followed accounts from YOUR COUNTRY and see where your profile is in that top. According to them, I'm the most followed in my country (Romania): Get also the +CircleCount extension made by +Tetsuya Kitahata from here:

Also, +1'ing your own CircleCount profile allows you to SHARE YOUR STATS CHART with your followers with just one click! For more details see This directory also gives you a CIRCLECOUNT BUTTON to add on your website and show a FOLLOWER COUNTER or your CIRCLE RANK.

Here you will also find some interesting Google Plus statistics like gender distribution, follower distribution, job distribution and so on

4. Recommended Users -
Find people to follow based on dozens of topics.

5. Group / AS -
Google+ grouping made simple. Add to existing groups, create your own or just find interesting people to follow. Fill your Google+ Circles!

6. Women of Google+ -
Women of Google+ was created on a spark of an idea and has quickly turned into a much more than just a way to discover brilliant women using Google+. Women of Google+ has evolved into a destination to learn, share and explore what it takes to thrive on social networking platforms both personally and professionally.

7. Find Your Plus -
Here you can search for persons by city, country or occupation. It has more than 6.4 million profiles indexed and one of the most interesting features is the FIND RANDOM PERSONS button that allows you to meet new people from all around the world.

8 -
Find random people or by country, cities and occupation.

9. Ggl Pls -
This one not only allows you to search for profiles by location, but also by TAGS. However, the most important features that it has, is an awesome GOOGLE+ FEED WIDGET that allows you to integrate your Google+ Stream to your website/blog. You can find it here:
An alternative and similar tool has also

If you are the type of person that likes to hangout, you can try the GOOGLE+ HANGOUTS DIRECTORY to find and join a great hangout

10. G Peep -
You can search by tags, cities, streams or people.

11. -
Find lists of Google+ users by interests.

See also: How to add lots of people in your circles from google+ directories with just one click:

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