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Judi Oyama
Skateboarder, graphic designer, social media geek, slalom racer, Skater for life.
Skateboarder, graphic designer, social media geek, slalom racer, Skater for life.

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Pleasure Point Fair back to my roots
I was born and raised at this small house on Haas Drive Pleasure Point and then we moved to Aptos and then I moved back to Pleasure Point and then back to Aptos. Today it was great to spend the day at the fair seeing old friends and sharing space with Brian...

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Crossfit and my Graphic Design Passion Collided
Running at 6:00 am is not always fun, it pretty much sucks. I am the slowest and oldest at the Crossfit I go to in Aptos. One morning I was running and thinking about the early dump trucks that come around the corner and thought slow down or Warning runners...

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Cooper the Dog goes viral on Reddit 147,768 hits
My son posted his first Reddit photo ever. These are the three images.

I photoshopped my weird dog in two different ways.
by RexAquilium
This the the link to the image.

This is my dog, his name is Cooper and he is super smart, cute, and is very asymmetr...

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Currently Ranked 1st ISSA International Slalom Skateboarding Association World Ranking
Slalom World Rankings posted this may not last long since the Europeans have so many more races then we do. I am going to the US Nationals in Oceanside and the World Championships in Kentucky this year. Crossfit and Skateboarding helps the elder in the pack...

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Cardamom Tuesday New Packaging by Maximum Impact Design
New packaging out for Cardamom Tuesday Exotic Cardamom-Infused Elixir for Cocktails, Soda, Steamers & Desserts from Santa Cruz. Check it out tonight at the Santa Cruz Food Lounge . Super proud of the final product and working with Naomi has been a blast. A ...

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CONEFEST Slalom Skateboard World Championships in Kentucky, September 18, 2015
Just decided to go to the CONEFEST Slalom Skateboard World Championships in Kentucky, September 18, 2015. I want to fund it by selling some old school skate items. I need to clear out some stuff and this is going to be my motivation. I want to self fund wit...

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2015 Gold Rush Giant Slalom Results and a few pic's
Back from a great weekend in Sacramento, staying at Shannon and Jamie Hart's house with Cliff Coleman. Jamie, Cliff and I have been skateboarding together for almost 40 years. We do it for the ourselves not for anything else. Being from NorCal we were not S...

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Eastside Industries Logo
Congrats to Sabine Dukes and Brian Peterson's new company. Prone paddleboards, surf, dirt and sustainability. Eastside Industries site Check out the notecards sold individually and in boxed sets featuring Sabine's ocean photography. Look for Eastside Indust...

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Medium and Periscope up on Social Media
Judi Oyama I had signed up for Medium and never tested it until today after Cindy Whitehead recommended Girl is not a 4 Letterword Periscope. I'm may post a Slalom run off the 8 foot Giant Slalom BAR (Bad Ass Ramp) this weekend. I'll let you know and you'll...

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Missed the Skateboard Hall of Fame 2015
I'm in Colorado finishing the last details of John DeAndrea's new website and helping on a casting today. I choose not to go to the HOF until I see my friend Cindy Whitehead inducted. I'm not afraid to say it's political just like Skateboarder magazine was ...
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