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Don't know why i keep forgetting to post here. 

I really need to start using this more

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Had a lot of people wish me well on my birthday today.  :) much fun

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Ahh, feels good to watch some things I love.  :D  Marked out heavily on the 2nd song.  Lupin the 3rd.  Who'd have thunk it?! :D

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2013.  You have the potential.  what are you going to do with it?

Well, seems like this is easier ro navigate and less prone ro crashing. Facebook crashes more often than a drag race alobg the long island expressway. 

Why is it that when they used don't be misunderstood in Kill Bill, it created one of the most intense fight scenes? 

So why am I not using this more? Just feels like facebook all over again. Then again, it's hard to keep track of this AND FB AND twitter AND tumblr AND Lj AND etc etc etc.....
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