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Kimberly Frazier Mitchell
Ghost Hunting Lady who loves a great adventure!
Ghost Hunting Lady who loves a great adventure!

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Door to the storage room.  A little over ten years ago, the Paxson family bought their first home.  As they looked at it for the first time, they loved the layout, the back yard, the kitchen, the enclosed front porch and the roomy basement.  Mr. Paxson  ful...

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Rogers Fall Festival 2016
 The Rogers Fall Festival was held on October 1, 2016.  The goal for this festival is to help restore the old church that is now the Rogers City Council Building.  It is also an effort to save the history of the town. To that end, the festival has vendors, ...

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Salem Ghost Trolley Tours 2016
 The Salem Ghost Trolley Tours were a huge success this year. Every tour was sold out, the weather was outstanding, and even the ghosts cooperated to some degree. This is the 6th year of ghost trolley adventures in Salem, and they just keep getting better. ...

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New Legends About Columbiana County Coming Soon
I had the chance to work on a little Floyd History a couple months ago.  I heard several stories just about his little known exploits around this area while encountering local people on his doomed journey to Sprucevale Road.    Every story carries with it a...

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This is found at the Carnegie Library.  We will show you where... Ghosting 12 Paranormal will be set up at the Pottery Festival June 9-11.  We are offering Ghost Walks around Town Friday And Saturday night.  We will have three or tour different walks so you...

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The Leetonia Bigfoot Festival-June 17-18
I know you have seen them.  The large Bigfoot Cut out surrounding Leetonia, Ohio.  In less than a month the next festival will take place and it is worth your time to come and visit! The event includes food, games, face painting, music,a 5k race, BIGFOOT HO...

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This is the Cloud Room, where, once upon a time coffins wre on display.   On April 30 an old friend and I got the chance to go to T he House of Wills in Cleveland, Ohio. It was such an adventure! We were invited by Lantern Paranormal  who also have a parano...

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Looking for Another Ghost Town--Martinsburg Along Beaver Creek
 A few years ago, a former crew member gave me a copy of the map that was drawn by R. Max Gard and William Vodrey in 1950.  This Map came with a book both Gentlemen wrote, mapping out the Sandy and Beaver Canal, as was left in 1950.    One of the things tha...

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The Whistling Soldier of River Road?
I heard a story about a soldier who returns home and is found often down along River Road. He made it through WWII and was hit by a car when he got home and killed.  His ghost has been seen down along River Road or heard whistling down in that area.  I am l...

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The Ghost Of A Soldier Still On Watch At Thompson Park?
 For years a story has been told about a man committing suicide in a house across from the swimming pool. Some say he hanged himself, while others claimed he shot himself. And no one is sure of the exact house it happened in. I first learned of the story la...
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