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Sonic Time Twisted: Twisting My Mind
I can't believe Sonic Time Twisted is finally finished. Not because I thought Bryce "Overbound" Stock was incapable of delivering a 1.0 version (although Sonic fan games rarely see full releases), but because of how much time has passed since interviewing h...

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That Time I Found Myself on Some Random Online Database
I was surfing the information super-highway the other day and found myself on some science fiction database: namely, Internet Speculative Fiction Database . I actually wound up on the site while scouring the web for paying sci-fi short story markets. The re...

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Chuckle-Bits Sequel Shitshow Ep. 6 - Spy Kids 3D: Game Over
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over  (also known as  Spy Kids 3: Game Over ) is a 2003 American spy adventure comedy film produced, written, shot, composed, edited, and directed by Robert Rodriguez, co-produced by Elizabeth Avellan, Dimension Films and Troublemaker Stu...

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Submitting to US Literary Agents: Done and Done
It took me over six weeks, but I've submitted Soci of Metro to all of the US-based agents on my list. That's 73 agents, some of which specialise in sci-fi, some who work with speculative fiction authors, and some who only ask for "genre fiction" in general....

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Metal Gear Rising 100%: Progress Report
I receive hundreds upon thousands of emails every damn day begging me for progress reports on my 100% save file quest for  Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance . I reply to none of them. But standing here, I realise, that maybe I should put down my tool of justic...

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Chuckle-Bits Sequel Shitshow Ep. 5 - Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
The other week Stevie and Michael recorded a cosplay meetup without the people involved knowing. But once they watched the footage back they realised they'd actually recorded Mortal Kombat: Annihilation ! Listen in wonder as Stevie and Michael talk over nob...

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Creative Writing: Abandoning a Story
Within the "Short Stories" folder on my hard drive I have four sub-folders: 1. Write 2. Rewrite 3. Revise 4. Sell These four folders represent the four stages each of my short stories go through, with the first three essentially representing the three major...

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Chuckle-Bits Sequel Shitshow Ep. 4 - Halloween III
Woo! Hooray! Yahoo! Lovely! The Chuckle-Bits Boyz™ are back with yet another riveting commentary! This week they're watching the classic Goosebumps episode-- Wait, what?  Halloween III: Season of the Witch isn't for kids? Blimey-o'riley. Anyway, it's Hallow...

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Chuckle-Bits Sequel Shitshow Ep. 3 – Predator 2
Chuckle-Bits Sequel Shitshow is back with another stunning movie comm— Sorry. I can't keep a straight face. If any one of our commentary tracks encompassed the true meaning of "shitshow", it's this one. We tried to find things to say about Predator 2 , I sw...

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Metal Gear Rising 100% Because WHY NOT?!?
The idea popped into my head the other day that I'd like to try for a 100% completed file of  Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance . It happened the day after a particularly gruelling session where I tried to beat Mistral on Revengeance difficulty with no upgrad...
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