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Suzanne Axelsson
mother of three and preschool teacher.
mother of three and preschool teacher.

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Challenging ideas (My Reggio)
During the last few weeks I have been reflecting quite a lot on what the Reggio Emilia Approach means to me... since I have been interviewed for online conferences, podcasts and written some articles about the Reggio Emilia Approach ( check this link to fin...

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Invitations to Play....
Today I saw a invitation to a twitterchat, which given time I will more than likely join in, where the chat is about "Invitations to play". It got me thinking... what exactly does this mean? Why are we inviting children to play? Isn't this something that th...

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The Unique Child
I love social media, I love the fact that we can share ideas online no matter where we are in the world. I also find this position I am in... of being British but having lived in Sweden for just over half my life an interesting one, especially when it comes...

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Loud nights... (Palestine 15)
I have just two more nights left here in Jenin before my return to Stockholm, Sweden. For the second time in my just over 2 week stay I slept through the 5am prayers (that are pretty loud... and very beautiful). There are nights when there is more than just...

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Play... (Palestine 14)
Today I went on another excursion with The Freedom Theatre preschool... up into the outskirts of Jenin, on a mountainside with the most wonderful views. The destination is a home under construction - so there are rocks, sand, gravel and construction rubble ...

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Fireworks... (Palestine 13)
That magical moment when thinking/creativity clicks into gear and ideas explode like fireworks. That is what happened on the course today. The participants shared their documentation of Saturday's session (where they played with loose parts, and told to tak...

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Parents, schools and dreams... (Palestine 12)
This morning I held a presentation for parents... For education to evolve, no matter where you are in the world, parents need to be involved. This is so the case here in Jenin. The participants on the course have told me how it is not easy to implement a pl...

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Loose Parts... learning to play (Palestine 11)
Today has been all about play. Getting the educators to play with loose parts... we started with looking at the stones that they had collected and I was happy to see that all of them had brought stones with them.  And in another post I will share some of th...

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Documenting... learning to see the learning in play (Palestine 10)
Today I have been sightseeing... a trip to Nablus, one of the world's oldest cities that has been continuously inhabited, and also Sebastiya. This is the area of the Samaritans... not that there are many Samaritans left these days... these are also very his...

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The second session (Palestine 9)
Yesterday was my second session. I have such admiration for these educators... listening to my very different approach to learning... with eyes wide and a desire to implement much of it. They are also aware that the culture they find themselves is not ready...
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