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Angel Poem - heavenly words for you to hear…or-you-to-hear/


 Angels are a thing of beauty
 More than you can see
 Heavenly heights bring spiritual delight
 Majestic, wholesome, purity

 Wings of radiant Grace
 Carry a swift sweet song
 Never to be haste
 It is to His Love which they are drawn

 Protection and Guidance we pray
 An angel will light the way
 There is only one truth
 Its by His Grace we are saved

 So this I say with Confidence
 Angels will aid in our defense

 No selfish motives
 Only a full heart can give
 Angels, they are real
 Forever they will live
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Mary Mays Now Delivers To The World!

Mary Mays now delivers outside the UK using Airsure which is fast, secure and trackable which delivers to 35 destinations:

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Irish Republic, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA.

Azores (Portugal) Balearic Islands (Spain) Canary Islands (Spain) Corsica (France) Faroe Islands (Denmark) Madeira (Portugal) Monaco (France)

As general guide to overseas deliveries, please allow up to 5 days for despatch and then the following Airsure guidelines.
• two working days after posting to western Europe
• four working days after posting to eastern Europe and postal subsidiaries (islands and principalities)
• six working days after posting to the rest of the world.

Airsure® is only available to selected countries that can support tracking and service standards.…s-to-the-world/
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Starting as an author with which is very exciting. Looking forward to this new experience as I've only ever blogged on my own site. myblogguest was recommended by friend.  Need to fathom how to use the the submission process though!
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I just started adding some really interesting blogs mostly on the subject of holistic and spiritual matters.
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Is Fear Good For You? It's Halloween!
What is 'Fear' and why is it such a powerful emotion. Is there any point to it at all?
We all experience fear to a greater or lesser extent so what's its purpose?
If we think of a cute little mouse living in the tropical Amazon, would it be better being a brave mouse racing around beating its chest at anaconda, one of the largest snakes in the world or would it be safer to be a scared little mouse hiding away! Well! we know the answer and herein lies the secret to fear.
Fear is the emotion we have developed to help us survive and live longer. It is actually a really good thing, keeping you safe.  So the next time you hide behind the sofa watching Dr Who, don't be ashamed that you are such a scaredy cat, it is a brilliant emotion helping you survive so embrace your fear.
Fear has also developed into an industry whereby commercial enterprise can sell us 'fear' disguised as entertainment like high speed rollercoaster rides and horror movies.  We have learned to reinterpret adrenaline as excitement rather than fear. We particularly enjoy fear in the movies where we know that shark in the Jaws film is really a hollow plastic toy - it's that music which makes it seem real, driving up the anticipation levels to a crescendo (you know the scene I mean)!
So today is about fun and fear, celebrating the dead with the spirits enjoying a day back on earth.  A day for the ghouls and the ghostly.  So enjoy it, have fun, embrace the fear.  Maybe you could use the Halloween example to unlearn any fears you have built in your mind.…-its-halloween/
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Glass Angel Suncatcher for the Girls in Pink
This new glass angel suncatcher is especially for the Girls.  Well, it's in Pink of course! Measuring 6 inches by 4 inches, the colours really shimmer at window with the body being made of fused glass and the wings being handcrafted in stained glass.  Being etched in copper and then soldered again it looks silver with a lovely halo being an ideal mechanism by which you can hang your angel from a window or on a wall.  Made in the UK by a very talented glass artisan who does a lot of work in churches and cathedrals across the land.  If you have any queries regarding these angel suncatchers you are very welcome to phone the Mary Mays Office.…-girls-in-pink/
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Were You Born Under a Full Moon? Challenges?
Celebrated astrologer Jonathan Cainer has described how being born under a Full Moon means you will face big challenges your whole life long. This was in the context of the new Royal Baby George who was apparently born at a time of a Very Full Moon. This also means that he will become very good a dealing with challenges and learn how to ride the ups and downs.  Just as well really, given the life that he is born to live without the freedoms of us ordinary mortals to make mistakes and learn from them without the embarrassment of the judgement errors being reported in the national press! Of course people dream of having a 'charmed life' but actually what would it give you in real terms?  If you were happy every day what would you learn on planet earth? Anything? Do we learn more from the deep down bad stuff than from the good and joyous?  Is that really our purpose on being here in the first place? Learning how to handle the rough and tumble of life? That when we reach 'the Pearly Gates' and God sits you down for a little chat and says 'Well! What did you learn about life?  What would be your reply?…oon-challenges/
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New Blue Glass Angel with Halo to Celebrate Royal Baby Boy
Many congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge #RoyalBaby on the birth of their baby boy.  To celebrate this wonderful event Mary Mays is launching a new Blue Glass Angel with Royal Halo. Fabulous.…royal-baby-boy/
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