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New year — Old resolution still stands. Our retirement strategy, The Lazy Portfolio.
The Lazy Portfolio (Our retirement strategy) Let’s start out the new year by looking forward - looking at how my family and I are saving for retirement. My spouse and I work across more than one country and tend to hold contracts that are time-bound, so pla...

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This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for…
I’m grateful for how I’ve been taught compassion, not just by Christians around whom I grew up but by the many diverse people I’ve had the privilege of learning from and who have taught me unity and unconditional love for those in need regardless of religio...

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Trust vs. Tools - when do you need a tool and how can you make sure it will work for you?
Too often, we think technology - the right technology - is a silver bullet. Tech will deliver the change we need, once we get the tool right. Sometimes we even think technology is smarter than us, and we forget that even the best GPS tools can still try to ...

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But what is a job really?
When a new young hospital administrator told my father, a pediatrician with close to fifty years of clinical experience, that he needed to start typing up certain notes himself rather than leave the nurses to do it, the man began to spend hours pecking out ...

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How to clarify your communication campaign — why are you doing what you’re doing?
Sometimes the biggest problem in a data analysis related to communication or marketing is that something was done, but no one is sure why it was done, or what was expected. It's easy to retrofit this sort of ambiguous outreach into some sort of success or g...

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How do you build your data analysis after you've formulated the question?
Well, we've covered that the MOST IMPORTANT PART of any data analysis is the QUESTION. And we've noted this cannot be emphasised enough. So... via GIPHY Again with the question? Why is this the most important? Just to repeat... Too often people start with a...

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Impact assessment and evaluation - Reporting vs. Tools
There are two spectrums in the monitoring and evaluation industry, both of which are great options, depending on the objectives of a specified communication action or outreach.  Reporting services :   What are reporting services?  An external agency can use...

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What is a question that leads to what type of data analysis and why is this important?
I've been taking Coursera classes in data analysis and some light programming classes on udemy. I write up my notes here so I show what I know (and review it - I learn best through writing.) Plus, it gives me a public place to check my notes whenever I want...

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