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Freaks of Paradise: First Look
one Dear Diary,             A story can’t be told correctly from
the eyes of one person. In fact, it takes several different souls to make a
story. I always believed I lived in hell but now I know there are things that
make my life look peaceful. My ho...

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Gossip Girl: The New Generation Chapter One
Hey People!  Did you really think the party was over? Just because lonely boy finally came out and admitted he was the beloved Gossip Girl doesn't mean the fun ends here in the Upper East Side. Parties are still just as glamorous and the gossip still just a...

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Just Something About Love
I don't mind the men I have been with in my past or now. From drug addicts, straight men in the closet and men who just used me for sex. People call me crazy because I let this happen But I remember that love isn't beautiful. Love is fucking dark and cruel....

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Strip Me Day One : Love A
This is day one of me getting my life back together! Most of you reading this know me but those who don't I will go by A. I always will shorten names of those I take about in this blog. The last few days have been tough and I have something I need to get of...

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Two FREE Kindle books today Feb 5th!
Every High School has their social outcasts. The band nerds, the math geeks, the chess club, the girl that chews her hair, but at Butler High, even the creepy nose picker in the chess club is more popular than Caleo Anima. No matter what he did, his pale sk...

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Bars of Paradise Sneak Peek Two
Life in the city dead when Warren left.  He prayed things weren't always going to be this way.  Rebel told himself it was going to be alright and Warren would return to him.  He felt like he was living in his own personal hell. No, not hell something in bet...
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