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Naught but flowers of me soar.
Naught but flowers of me soar.

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Big ask ahead:

Can you recommend your favorite free print and play games. Bonus points if you post a link and double bonus points if they are roll and write games.

Cheers and thanks!

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The Public Fairy Library. 

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Board games with moral/ethical choices as a part of gameplay. Before we start, I am not saying that these games are bad for focusing on colonialism (as in Puerto Rico and Endeavor) or that you are bad for enjoying them. I'm looking for games that place the player in an ethical conundrum.

Here is my list:
Puerto Rico (use of slaves to advance your economy) -- compare play between terminology of “colonist” vs. “slave”
Freedom: The Underground Railroad -- acceptable losses
Sheriff of Nottingham -- playing honestly versus playing through deceit
Agricola and Stone Age -- feeding your tribe or family
London -- balances quick economic gain vs. increased poverty.
Lords of Waterdeep with the Scoundrels of Skullport Expansion -- how much corruption is acceptable?
Robinson Crusoe
Endeavor -- the economy can be based upon slavery early in the game but this is not sustainable once slavery is banned.
Tales of the Arabian Nights -- Very random but but choices have specific effects in the game.
Tomorrow -- balancing the good of the many vs. the few
Euphoria -- ethical choices given throughout the game
The Manhattan Project -- everyone is rushing to develop the bomb but has anyone considered whether they should? I kid. The use of spies or warfare to speed up your research and slow down your opponents.
Zooloretto -- managing a zoo for profit
Flash Point: Fire Rescue -- acceptable losses.

Query: I am looking for a game (similar to Fluxx but maybe a tad less luck based) where the win condition can change or games with a highly variable game state where players need to be extraordinarily flexible. I'm hoping to find some that are gateway games and not too complex.

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Your daily dose of zoo camp. The girls chowed down with a cheetah, played with a porcupine, ogled an owl, and rubbed a rabbit.
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Next month I'll be doing a webinar on developing a circulating board game collection at NCompass. This talk could be of interest to anyone interested in convincing their home libraries in starting something cool.

I promise to be slightly entertaining. Perhaps even endearing. Quite likely, I will be dashing. I will definitely be wearing a tiara...although you won't be seeing it. But it will be there, shining darkly.

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Velociraptors are much cuter when they are all little and downy. 
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Getting back I to the swing of things and doing some yard work. 
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Here is my list of games I prefer over Monopoly when I get an urge for an economic game. I used Monopoly here as a jumping off point for librarians when patrons, unfamiliar with modern board games, are interested in learning something new. 
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