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Christian DeBaun
Technologist. Photographer. Pragmatist.
Technologist. Photographer. Pragmatist.

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Nice find Abby!

Just back from "Horrible Bosses" which was a pleasant waste of 2 hours. Some of the dialog was limp, but it's worth adding to your Netflix queue. The new Zues theatre in Waynesboro is awesome though!

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Worthy of a re-tweet. Ok, I'm going to call that a re+ or maybe it should be called a ReG+
My wrapup of the Space Shuttle launch. Thanks to the NASA Tweetup. They treated us to a life-changing experience.

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Helping +Rand Fishkin with this test!
Hey gang - would love your help with another Google+ test. This time, to see whether Google+ shares and +1s alone can push an already ranked site/page higher in the search results.

For a target, I chose which currently ranks #16 in the US Google results for the phrase "vintage scooter helmets." Please do share the link below and +1 it, but DO NOT link, tweet, FB share, LinkedIn share, etc. We're hoping to try earning just Google+ metrics and watching if the rank rises for that phrase.

Thanks for the help! We learned a ton from the prior tests and hope to learn from this one, too :-)

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A/B quality testing here between Facebook and G+ as I uploaded this album to FB two weeks ago using their "HD" settings, and the photos still looked soft and washed out. Exact same images UL'd.

FB did an "upgrade" (snark) about 6 months ago that basically left all of my previous FB albums - of which I have 85 (sized to 720 pixels wide + sharpened) looking like total crap..

Please be brutal on the QA of these photos. If they look soft, out of focus, or dull - please pipe up. Your opinion is really going to count with my photography circle of friends.


Classic Car Close Ups - Winchester 2010 (12 photos)
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Can Facebook content be re-shared on Google +? Oh yeah baby it can! I decided to see if I could hack a wee bit. Went to Facebook, brought up one of my photo albums, right clicked to "view image" - copy URL and re-paste here.

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