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Sneaker Sustainability
A new pair of synthetic running shoes can typically generate 13 kgs of CO2 emissions according to a team of MIT scientist. When  looking at the statistic alone it might not seem as serious but considering that running shoes produce no electricity, a pair of...

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Fee and Dividend: A Viable Solution?
In 2015, the
U.S. produced “12.7 million barrels of oil …[and] consum[ed] nearly 19.4
million barrels of oil per day” [1].  On
a global scale, “the oil industry is one of the most powerful branches in the
world economy” where more than “four billion metric ...

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The Small Steps: Getting Started Today!
The cost of
hidden oil can be all too much – but
only if we let it be. As other
blog posts indicate: Oil is in fact ubiquitous. 
The awareness of this issue is highly alarming, and can often be overwhelming.  Even with the knowledge of this issue, individua...

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Petroleum in Our Food?
We know that many household products we use day to day contain oil or petroleum by-products. We know that it’s lurking in places that we may not even realize. But do we know that it’s also in our foods? Artificial food dyes are used to attract your attentio...

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Where Does Our Oil Actually Come From?
When we think about oil we think of food, cars, machines.
One thing we never really think about is where does all of this supply of oil
actually come from. Since the early 60’s when America began strongly using this
new fuel instead of the pollution inhibit...

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Oil Use The use of oil is an essential part of a person’s life, whether it is to cook your food, run your car, or fix a machine. Everyday whether you realize it or not, we use oil, driving to work or even using public transportation. You could even say oil ...

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Oil Prices and their Effect on Consumption
I want to talk about the connection between energy prices and demand for consumer goods such as automobiles. It turns out that people pay attention to oil prices when choosing what type of car they are going to buy. According to a study in the Electricity J...

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How Do We Get Oil?
Petroleum oil does not just appear in an instant. Oil companies have to pump oil out of the ground by making wells and drilling rigs. Once the wells are emptied, they have to be relocated into a new spot. For drilling rigs, most are set below the seafloor m...

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Is Oil Hiding In Your Food?
When we think of oil, we think of something that powers our cars and homes, not an ingredient in our food. However, oil is tucked in and hidden in many of the things we consume. But WHY? The use of petroleum, or commonly referred to by the food industry as ...

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Your Crude Oil Consumption
How much crude oil do YOU use on a daily basis???   Short answer: More than you think. Oil is heavily relied on in people’s day to day life whether they are aware of it or not. The average American’s consumption of crude oil is a ballpark figure of 2.5 gall...
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