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John Champneys
A Life that really is Just A Stage
A Life that really is Just A Stage

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I met Jagan yesterday, a strong young man whom I've know since he was a baby. When he was 2 or 3 I'd have him on my lap and we'd wheel ourselves off for a long walk while carrying a picnic of fruit, chapattis and potato portal with us. It's a great memory and yesterday was a chance to live that again in reverse. Now the "little boy" is carrying and coddling me!

I keep forgetting about G+! 

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SwiftKey has saved me 100,000 keystrokes! Check it out at
Truly, I don't know how I managed without it! 

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Local man, valiant hero, gives our wasps a thorough spanking! 

For Mums. I just found out about left ventricle echogenic foci : something we didn't have when I was a foetus.
Now I wonder : Is it best to know about it?
Or better not to know?
Once told, the mind can't UN-Remember it! 😑

Today's a day when the internal Oxytocin Pump seems higher than expected.

You often hear about a man following a lady.
But how often do you hear of a lady following a man? :o

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Just the usual.
Juggling impossibilities.
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