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Expression otitis
Depending on the severity of the disease, otitis media usually has two categories: acute otitis media and chronic otitis media.
* Acute Otitis Media:
+ Body Fever 38 - 40oC.
+ The patient usually ear pain, ringing in the ears, headache, decreased ability to hear.
+ Eardrum taut, swollen blood, red bulging.
* Chronic otitis media:
Acute otitis media without supportive treatment, patients repeatedly after time turns chronic with symptoms such as:
+ Flow as pus in the ear mucus, flowing continuously or intermittently.
+ Service can dilute or special latex, white or yellowish bloody, foul odor.
+ Ear pain accompanied by fever, migraine, not hear, hearing loss.

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What causes otitis
Otitis media is a disease of the upper respiratory tract groups, patients without supportive treatment will cause more serious complications such as meningitis, brain abscess, nerve paralysis, ... Being otitis may be due many reasons such as:
- + Do infections: Children with rhinitis or pharyngitis, now weakened immune systems, the bacteria will spread disease from the drive to the ear causing otitis media. Or atrial hose clogged, congestion due to colds, fever lead to trapped bacteria cause infections.
+ Structure ear: Gates atrium where the ark atrium connects the nose and throat in children horizontally shorter than in adults should easily spread diseases to ear, especially in children when crying or supine.
+ Do system respiratory mucosa: Usually sensitive, irritable with stimuli from the outside, making deals in the ark stagnant ear, causing otitis media.
+ Because of injuries: In some cases, often due to user habits sharps, hard time picking the ears, ears hurt, bacteria penetrate lead to otitis media.

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