Well, imx-drm is going to have to wait another three months or so before it can be sorted out.  Along with armada-drm, and the rest of the madness.  Greg has closed his tree and so the componenised device support is stuck out of tree.

Meanwhile, the ASoC problems continue - after a month or so of pestering and reminders, Liam has finally cleaned up and submitted his DPCM patches, but never copied me with them.  So the kirkwood DPCM patches also aren't going to make 3.14.

And mainline folk wonder why people in the embedded world end up maintaining their own kernel branches outside of mainline - it's because getting stuff into mainline is ABSOLUTE HELL, and by the time they've jumped through all the hoops, the hardware for which the patches were relevant has become OBSOLETE.

Yes, the community folk supporting the Cubox platforms (now both Kirkwood and iMX6) have decided to setup a github account where they can merge this kind of work, beacuse they're soo sick to death of this stuff.  Yes, another tree where code can linger outside of mainline rather than being merged into mainline.  PRECISELY and DIRECTLY as a result of this lack of forward progress.
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