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Gene Makarenko
owner/contractor VA and Sons Construction
owner/contractor VA and Sons Construction

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Ten Insane Remodeling Ideas
When it comes to remodeling, sometimes we can get some ideas from the most unusual places. Here's one article that has some interesting ideas, at least to look at and smile, if not decide to use one for your own home. 

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Kitchen Remodeling - Does it Still Pay Off?
We explore two sources and opinions on value and return of investment for remodeling projects.
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A New Siding and WIndows Blog
as a siding and windows contractor, we offer a few tips for Fall exterior remodel projects.
#siding #exterior #contractor #salem  

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Commercial Renovation Project year later

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Remodeling for Aging in Place
a few comments to consider with baby boomers and their elderly parents.
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Ideas About House Painting, Roofing, Siding, and Windows
in Exterior Remodeling

We provide homeowner information from our blogs and on our web site.
Licensed contractor, Salem,Oregon
 VA and Sons Licensed Contractor
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Kitchen Remodeling Rave Review - Salem, Oregon April 2014

"A big thank you to Gene Makarenko and the rest of V.A. & Sons Construction for doing such a wonderful job on my kitchen remodel!! It was a big job and I was very apprehensive about selecting a contractor, since I had some issues in the past on other jobs. My sister highly recommended Gene, after he did a great job on a house for her. Gene and his crew worked hard and finished not just my major kitchen remodel in the timeline he originally gave me, but they also ran my new hardwood floors and baseboards throughout the main level of my house, resurfaced my fireplace and added a mantel, and changed out my front door. The transformation to my house is amazing and is above and beyond what I had envisioned!! I highly recommend and will definitely use Gene Makarenko and V.A. & Sons Construction for any future remodeling needs…Thank you again for such beautiful work!!" 
Karen P. 

#kitchenremodeling   #contractor  

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Enjoy two videos on Windows: on one of our blogs
What to Expect When Replacing Windows and Milgard's Tuscany Series
We are a Windows contractor in Salem Or and can save you up to 40% in costs of materials

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Why Paint During Optimum Weather Conditions 
Are you considering applying fresh paint this year? There are numerous things one must consider before getting a contractor for the job. You can easily name factors like cost, quality and so on but there is one aspect most people seem to always overlook; season of the year. When are you planning to have your painting project done?

Timing is mostly an important consideration, especially for those who live in areas which experience extreme temperatures. It is highly recommended that one should paint during the temperate months as compared to hot and cold ones. This article seeks to outline some of the reasons that make it unwise to paint during such extreme conditions.

Paint Requires Optimum Temperatures to Dry Evenly

Paint needs to dry within moderate conditions. Painting during the extreme temperature seasons leads to uneven drying. This creates or leaves behind ugly patches on the walls. For most interior and exterior paintings, latex and oil paints are the ones used. They are the mostly manufactured types available in the market. When painters apply coats on the walls, they simply refer to the directions outlined on the containers by the manufacturers. Commonly, those guidelines are designed to favor optimum temperature conditions. This makes them to be ineffective extreme conditions.

How it Affects the Curing Time

How attractive and beautiful the finish will look like depends on two parameters, the curing and drying time. It only takes about 3 to 4 hours for your oil and latex types to dry. The curing time is quite different as it takes more than three weeks. It is after this period that all the moisture will have evaporated from the walls. It is advisable to apply another coat when the temperature is at 70 degrees Fahrenheit to give enough drying time. If it goes beyond that, proper drying is thus destructed.

Applying Multiple Coats

Most contractors would advise you to do this during other season apart from the summer and extreme winter seasons. If one agrees to do it for you on such days, then he/she will opt for painting at those times or days that conditions may be optimum. From a coat to another, there is a need to allow some drying time before adding on another one. It is thus wise of you to consult with the contractor on the risks involved for you to be in a position to decide. If you decide to proceed on with the process, it will be necessary to hire professional painters.

Professional Painters

There is little difference basing on the skill. What makes one professional is the knowledge on which paint to use during which condition. Most of them know how to choose quality paint, which has a higher color retention capacity, durable and even washability. The expert should be able to choose a good binder that is able to unite the particles into a uniform pigment that adheres to the substrate. Generally, one should choose a high quality paint that will offer that what is desired.

Finally, painting during optimum weather conditions is very vital if you are to achieve that attractive appearance. Although one can choose an expert who can deal with the winds of weather fluctuations, it cost nearly nothing to plan for this during optimum temperatures. Hope you found this article helpful before you decide on when to decorate your rooms again.
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