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"But the law could contain broad exemptions for people who can show that they have a legitimate interest in viewing ISIS websites. Press credentials, a track record of legitimate public commentary on blogs and elsewhere, academic affiliations, employment in a security agency, and the like would serve as adequate proof."

Seriously? How about we don't jail people for visiting a web site, OK? Good grief, maybe we can legislate what constitutes stupid, and jail anyone dumb enough to think of such a bone headed thing.

Is Google trying to kill Hangouts? The new Google+ removes it from your Google+ screen, and makes it a real pain to get to.

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I guess it's not obvious to everyone, especially politicians, that it's impossible to do what this proposed legislation is suggesting. All the terrorists would need to do is write their own encryption software and leave out the back door. This might work for closed systems like a PlayStation where you can't install your own software. However trying to enforce back doors on encryption software on a computing device on which you could install your own software has been compared to legislating that PI should be exactly 3.0

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A very interesting read
Bo Heimann on spiritual bypassing, how unhealthy traits can arise from unfounded and unguided spiritual training like excessive detachment ability, one-sided focus on positive thinking, fear of anger and artificial kindness, neglect of emotions and difficulty in setting limits.

#Dharma #spirituality #BoHeimann #meditation #levekunst #artoflife

Anyone on my friend's list have experience publishing ebooks?  I'm looking for ideas about how to publish to both PDF for printing and epub for ebook publishing, preferably within the same program to ease revisions.  Also need to be able to support embedded fonts.   At this point I'm just trying to figure out if there is such a software platform available.

No debate for me tonight.  Not that I wouldn't like to watch it, but I am locked out.  I've yet to be able to watch one of the candidate debates because they all are taking place behind paywalls.  I do not have a subscription to CNN, or CNBC.  Why are these debates not on Network TV so anyone could watch them?  I guess people who don't have $100 a month cable television packages do not get to participate fully in our democracy.

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A problematic "act of God"

#fender   a new guitar amp.  Nice little tube amp, a Fender Super Champ X2.  However Fender's FUSE software, which is supposed to be able to connect to the amp and allow me to do all kinds of cool things with it is a total pile of rubbish.  Their trouble shooting guides makes it clear that whatever programming talent they once had has left the building, possibly deleting the the source code on his or her way out the door.  They need to scrape it and start over using something other than the  Microsoft Silverlight which was abandoned years ago. It's dead Jim. Too bad, it sounded cool.

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Just wow. 
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