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Alan Brannigan
Tech Geek, gamer, movie and music addict, warped sense of humour, occasional crazy person.
Tech Geek, gamer, movie and music addict, warped sense of humour, occasional crazy person.
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For those of you that don't know, I'm now living in China. I didn't have a VPN when I first got here, so wasn't able to use Google+ due to it being blocked but now I do :)

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Do you want :-

*A :-*  A free and open Internet where you can protect your privacy.


*B :-*  An Internet where Goverments and large corporations can censor it, invade on your privacy and block innovation?

Im sure most of you will prefer answer A, so you might be interested in signing for the Declaration of Internet Freedom. Some names I'm sure you've heard of are involved in this including reddit, techdirt, CHEEZburger and github.

The more people that get involved in this, the more influence it will have in deciding the internets future. Don't sit back and do nothing, otherwise the fights against SOPA, PIPA etc will have been a waste of time.

You can do your part by signing the petition and spreading the word about it. You can sign as an individual or as an organisation, so if you have the option do it both ways. Lets hope that we can make the government's and big business see sense.

Lets get the ball rolling!!!

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If you want a bit of a laugh and can access BBC iPlayer, you might want to check out these new comedy show exclusives. In my honest opinion the best one's are Dawson Bros. Funtime, The Imran Yusuf Show and The Tape Face Tapes. Some of these might be made into full series if they prove to be popular. Check them out and see what you think :)

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What took almost 7 hours is seen in 39 secs in this amazing new NASA video of the VenusTransit. So. Incredible.


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I havent had much time for social networking lately and sorry for anyone that missed me (Probably not many, lol :P) but I'll try to be on more again.

This is quite an interesting test to check your reading speed. I scored 631 words per minute, How well can you do?

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We've had a slightly frightening breakthrough with a time machine. As you can see, I went back to 1972! How far backwards would you like to #timetravel? Where would you like to go?

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Are you looking for a cool profile page?
COMPETITION TIME not done one of these in a while...

As you may or may not know, I do GOOGLE+ Profile Animation...
see for examples...
If you would like me to do one for you then you have a chance of winning one...


Competition Ends on the 2nd April 2012 (day after April Fools day !!!)

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I haven't had much time on G+ lately unfortunately but hoping to get on here more again.

I just thought I'd post a benchmark result I did earlier on my phone. It seems to have done pretty well and falls in a bit behind the Asus Transformer Prime Tablet. I did have some apps running in the background too but couldn't be bothered to wipe my phone for a clean result :P

You are welcome to guess what phone I have, I might even tell you, lol ;)

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If you have a fairly recent Android HTC phone, it might be worth you checking out this list. 

Happy Pi Day to me ;)
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