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Teacher. Learner. Blogger.

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I combine maths with coding by using a Sphero. In order to learn directions and angles, children create a program using a visual coding to direct the Sphero around the classroom. Depending on their year level they may need to include specific angles in their program, or simply use 90 degrees and 180 degrees.

In Maths my early years children work in pairs. One is blind folded and can only follow instructions from their partner. Their partner is not allowed to touch them, only speak to them about turning left or right, and moving forwards or backwards. Two teams will race each other to try and have the blindfolded child be the first to reach a certain part of the classroom (eg. whiteboard).

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With older primary students I have used Edmodo and Schoology successfully (I have attached my blog post with how I use them). With younger children I prefer Seesaw, as it is easier to navigate and a lot more visual. I am looking forward to finally using the portfolio aspect of ClassDojo.

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Option 3: How music devices have changed over time. Children could begin by sorting images of different types of music players, and then discuss/research what they are called. Children could discuss in pairs/small groups why they think music devices have changed throughout history. Why don't we keep them the same? #csertask4

Children can create codes for their spelling words that other people in their group can decode. The codes could be numbers, alternate letters, or symbols.

Alternatively, for early years students, children could read a fairy tale, be read a fairy tale and then have to act out the story to the class to have them guess which fairy tale it is. Follow with a class discussion about the different ways we communicate (voice, body language, writing etc).

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In my classroom we use Padlet to collect data. We have used it to list our inquiry questions (and then sorted them into categories) and to collect data as a class to graph in the children's maths books (eg. eye colour). #csertask2

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An innovation created by digital technologies that interests me is the food created by Impossible Foods. Given how unsustainable our current food practices are, Impossible Foods have used technology to find a more sustainable way of feeding the planet by breaking down meat into it's parts and recreating it using the parts from plants. Their Impossible Burger uses about 75% less water, produces about 87% fewer greenhouse gases, and requires about 95% less land than conventional ground beef.

Hi, I am Bec and I am from Sunshine Coast Grammar School, completing the CSER MOOC with Lauren Stanhope! I will track my learning here and on my blog. Looking forward to a great day of learning!

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Apps for a One iPad Classroom! Including my new favourite app...
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