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Empower the people.
Empower the people.

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There is only one way to improve the condition of our society; educate more people. We are doing our small share. You can help us too.

For more information on how you can contribute, please visit

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That's how it all happened.

We want to share our struggle and experiences - so far - so others may learn and benefit from it.

#LetsAwake #LetsAwake #TogetherWeCan #NoStepIsSmall

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We would like to say a big THANK YOU to everybody for helping in this cause. A very good news is that we have setup our next connected classroom in Karachi and soon we will be starting our test sessions. It's in the neighborhood called Landi. Several children of nearby slums and under privileged localities have already enrolled in the program. We will keep the enrollment running to get more kids in.

Now, we are in the process of gathering remote/local educators for this new class and for this we need your help. Educators can be based in any city of Pakistan or abroad as we teach using Skype and other online tools. Please join yourself and also talk to your friends and families. Even, stay-at-home females can teach without leaving their homes.

Once again, thank you for your continuous support so we can reach out to more cities and touch more lives out their in streets of our homeland.
Give it a try. Contact us by commenting below or via email at

#LetsAwake #LetsEducate #TogetherWeCan


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"We will treat each child as our own." This was one of the core values we defined as the foundation of our organization. And, we do our best to exhibit it in our actions.

On the occasion of this Eid, we gifted a dress to each of 26 children enrolled in our program. Now, they'll enjoy eid with the same happiness as we do with our children.

P.S. No donations were used for this activity. All expenses were borne by our core members.

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Thank you for all your support!

We need your support to do reach more children on the streets. Please help us reach our goal.

Here are few things that we have achieved so far:

- We established our connected classroom 4 months ago.
- We delivered 206 lectures with the help of 20 volunteers.
- We provide free breakfast to our students.
- Added Urdu as well in our curriculum.
- Conducted 4 art workshops.
- Started 2nd class for girls.
- Retention rate of more than 80%.

#letsAwake #LetsEducate #TogetherWeCan

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For the great work today, we treated our children with ice cream. Who doesn't love it? :-D

#LetsAwake #LetsEducate #LetsCelebrateSmiles 


We conducted our first live classroom session on Facebook today. Despite few initial hiccups it went great.

You can view the recorded session at your convenience on the below link:

Please feel free to provide your feedback.


#LetsAwake #LetsEducate #TogetherWeCan

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Son watching his dad working on a machine noticed something written on it.

Son: Papa, be careful
Dad: Why?
Son: because it's dangerous
Dad: How come you know?
Son: Because it has Danger written on it. It means not safe.
Dad: Who told you?
Son: I learnt in my school. D is for dangerous
Dad hugged his son proudly with smile

That student was Sohail, who works in packing and filling workshop. He has been a star performer and winner of our competition today about alphabets recognition, writing, and phonics. We are proud of you Sohail!

It also validates our purpose that we want to give them practical and meaningful education that they can relate and use in their lives right away.

#LetsAwake #LetsEducate #TogetherWeCan #YesWeCan 

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It's great when more friends join us. Today, our friend visited us from Canada. We discussed expansion plans, and shared ideas for improving our program to maximize impact.

#LetsAwake #LetsEducate #TogetherWeCan 

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Extra effort calls for extra reward ;-)

They had a test today, and they got Halwa Puri as a treat.

#LetsAwake #LetsEducate #treat 
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