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I'm sick...

CompulsiveWaterMelonCherry Eaters!

That moment your friend gets kicked out of class because some tiny bitch wants to run her mouth... barking like a Pomeranian at a pitbull...

So.. I'm not sure if I'm going to homecoming. My date apparently doesn't want to go to homecoming, he wants to ditch. Like fr. nah bitch we are going. we can ditch after! lol

I honestly just want to cry. I'm done with today already.

+Haylee Jo 

Who wants to go to Homecoming with me and +Katelynn Rachelle 

I get asked all the time, Have you ever done drugs? Yes, Of course I've done drugs I'm a teenager. People act like I am going to lie because I'm afraid of their opinion. In all honesty I could care less what anyone thinks of me, I've done drugs, I've drank, I've done lots of things that are illegal at my age. Today I look back and think I'm glad I did all those bad things because I am who I am. They made me how I am. I guess what I am saying is, do what you want say how you feel. And if someone ask you if you've done drugs don't lie cause who cares what others think of you.

Little boy who the fuck do you think you are?!?
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