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I know a lot of people came over to Google+ because they loved Google the company...  but Google the company doesn't seem to be what it was 3-4 years ago. At least that's what it seems like to me. If you feel the same way, this blog will likely resonate with you.

Saw this on Twitter....  "The wrong Steve is leaving Microsoft". #microsoft   #stevensinofsky  

Just got the time to DL and play with LibreOffice (Which I've heard is a touch better on the Mac) and at least at first glance it is much better than MS Word for OSX's butt. It's fast, and seems to support the Word Document formats I use to submit my freelancing work. As a huge bonus, it they've implemented the standard OSX keyboard shortcuts and built in stuff like pinch to zoom with the trackpad just work. Compared to Word's half-ass keyboard shortcuts which drive me nuts and complete lack of support for the trackpad...  it's a world better. 

Looks like Excel support is spotty :( but at least I should be able to give Word the boot from my routine and that's where I do the bulk of my work. #libreoffice   #osx  

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Wow... this is crazy, all the #muslimrage  and chaos may just be a huge hoax gone bad.
Does The Innocence of Muslims Even Exist?

All the controversy over an alleged film called The Innocence of Muslims is based on a trailer posted on YouTube. People are rioting in the streets. People are getting killed over this movie. 

But it appears that nobody has ever seen the movie. 

The actors in the movie haven't seen it -- they say they spoke completely different dialog, and the dialog audible in the trailer was inserted later without their knowledge. 

Theater-goers haven't seen it. It has been supposedly screened in only one theater, and nobody was in the theater. A theater employee says no other employee saw it, either. Nobody knows what appeared on screen. 

The Internet hasn't seen it. The movie has not been posted online. It's not being circulated on Bittorrent. 

Here's the gigantic fact that the lamestream media has missed completely: There is no evidence that The Innocence of Muslims ever existed. 

I think that until somebody produces evidence that this movie exists, the best assumption is that it's a hoax.

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Oh Dear... #xkcd  is off the hook this time. 

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Reviews are starting to come in from folks who have actually used it and the #iphone5  sounds like it's a winner. Hoping to grab one on Friday.

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Two good friends of mine collaborated on this really amazing gaming accessory. Congratulations guys, this looks amazing. I can't wait to check this out!
Enter the world of Midgard

Once again the Kobolds are showing the dragons how it can be done.

One of the things that people often have an issue with is that you can never see all the details of a map. Well that's all changing today. Open Design (now Kobold Press) has released an interactive Midgard Atlas that lets you zoom in to your heart's content on the Atlas of Midgard. Indeed, I don't think anyone has ever seen one of my maps this close up other than me!

I'm really stunned by how awesome it looks. I created the world map and compass, Luis Mejia created the app, and Sean MacDonald and Lucas Haley illustrated the beautiful city maps.

Check out the app here:

#pathfinder   #dnd   #midgard   #cartography  

cc +Wolfgang Baur 

From the deliberately missheard lyrics file:
Street hustler comes up to me one day 
And I'm walkin' down the street, mindin' my own business 
Now he looks me up and he looks me down and says 
"Hey man, what be swiss" and "What be jack" and "Why you gotta look like that?" 
Well I just looked at him, I kinda laughed, I said 
Hey man, I am cool, I am the Cheese. 

I spent my last day at Mountain Bike Oregon as "sweep" on a ride only to see the last rider in the group catch a handlebar on a tree and fall 6 feet to the trail below. Her knee was twisted badly and she wasn't able to finish the ride. We hiked about 2 miles out, her leaning on me most of the way as a sort of human crutch. One of the other guides picked up out bikes and Randy had a Jeep waiting for us at the top of the trail. At the end of the day, the rider was happy and smiling even though she had a nasty limp and lost out on half a day's riding. 

I'm a huge fan of self hosted tours, but this was a great example of the advantages of a hosted event like MBO which has a level of support you just can't get from a self hosted ride.

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Supporting the Gold Rush Motherload Adventure Race has it's side benefits
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