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That Paranormal Blog
Open forum discussing all things Paranormal, including television shows, ghost stories, pics and videos.
Open forum discussing all things Paranormal, including television shows, ghost stories, pics and videos.

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Attacked by Unseen Forces
Hello Readers today we're sharing a story brought to us by Jan Pavlov. All insights and comments are appreciated!  ~~TPB Team About two years ago in 2014 I worked at local Hospice. To make a long story short I will get right to the point. One evening one of...

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Advice from Allie Visions Psychic Medium and your gifted child
Allies Visions Psychic Medium March 9  ·  Hi Everyone! I hope you are all doing great. I recently had a session with two parents and their son. There are many children that I have come across who are sensitives, empaths, psychics, or all of the above. They ...

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The Black Dahlia: Can Mediums Help with this Cold Case?
mugshot taken of Elizabeth Short "The Black Dahlia" in 1943 for underage drinking. (original: (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) We've all heard the story, a raven haired young woman, movie star hopeful th...

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The Imprisoned Ghosts of the Williamsburg Public Gaol
A two story brick building greets guests strolling through the cobblestone streets on the east end of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. From the outside, the 300 year old Public Gaol looks quaint and quiet. Yet some of the most feared pirates, traitors, thie...

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Paranormal Review of the show Ghost Asylum
Tribute Spirits (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Hey there readers, we wanted to weigh in on this show recently seen called Ghost Asylum. Currently there are two seasons out there and our biggest contention with this show was the "trapping of the spirits." We jus...

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The Patterson Bigfoot Footage Real or Hoax, the Debate wages on? Still?
Bigfoot, as imagined by a Canadian artist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Ok unless you have been in a cave for a gazillion years, and yes we're gonna say're aware of the famous Big Foot film footage that has been hotly contested throughout the ...

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Alien Invasion, is it going on right under our noses?
Planets of the Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) For many years now, the question as to whether aliens even exist has been asked and overwhelmingly we see that the majority of those asked, believe this to be a given. Even those who have never had an e...

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Sasquatch Caught on Tape in Yosemite National Park
English: yosemite national park mirror lake 2010 winter (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Well we've seen a lot of footage via photographs and a few films through the years that have some compelling and not-so-compelling  "Sasquatch activity" through the years. Ho...

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Fisherman Claims to have Photograph of Bigfoot Bathing
Here we go again..another Big foot story for the Sasquatch Watchers of the world. Huffington Post recently published yet another one of their famously questionable stories. The story goes as follows: A 66 year old retired fisherman was fishing on the Hillsb...

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Seeing Repeating Numbers: What Do They Mean?
Deutsch: Schild der Landesstraße 111 in Österreich (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) We here at TPB love to examine paranormal and spiritual phenomenon and we've been looking into the phenomenon of seeing repeating numbers. We were surprise to learn through our re...
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