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Emily Hughes Smith
Dry humor and dry wine make for a lovely life
Dry humor and dry wine make for a lovely life

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What an honor to be named part of Forty Under 40. So grateful to my family, friends and colleagues who have helped to shape me and to support me over the years.

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For a recent visual representation of our latest work from Naissance, follow us on Instagram.@naissanceinc

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ABC News contacted us at Naissance, Inc. to use some of our video footage for a special on 20/20 Friday night, about the arrival of Pope Francis to the United States. Last year we captured video and photography to produce a short, pro bono film while volunteering in McAllen, Texas. Pope Francis will be having dialogue with Sister Norma from Sacred Heart Catholic Church who we interviewed to discuss the humanitarian crisis of the women and children who have recently crossed our border that she is helping.  

We are excited about the collaboration opportunity with ABC News and their acknowledgment of the video content that we produced as relevant and important; in addition to acknowledging the great work being done by Sister Norma.

#sisternorma   #sacredheartcatholicchurch   #mcallentexas  

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We spent the last few days at ISA International Sign Expo in Vegas. So excited to see our trade show booth design for our client FDC finally come to full life. What a great partnership and successful event! 
Creative Direction, Concept and Design by Naissance, Inc.
© Naissance, Inc and FDC Films 2015
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Kirk and I had the great opportunity to volunteer and produce this short film. Seems appropriate this time of year to share this with you as we give thanks for our current circumstances. Special thanks to our friends, family, colleagues and Grass Roots Media.

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Hi friends! We still need your help! Please remember that as little as $5 can help us purchase bottled water for the Rio Valley Grande Food Bank. Please join us in helping with this humanitarian crisis. For more info or to contribute check out the link below. Thanks in advance for your support! 

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Feel free to follow our business at Naissance, Inc.

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We are pleased to share with you our newest website design for our client Opera Cabal. Special thanks to Majel Connery for such a great, creative collaboration!
Design: Kirk Richard Smith
Photography: Lara Kastner

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We are excited to have launched the new website design for our client Magnanni. The website design incorporates new brand developments and new purchase path solutions. Additional pages, updates and video coming soon. For those who love luxury shoes, Cyber Monday is soon approaching. Happy Holidays!

Design: Naissance, Inc.
Video and portrait photography: Naissance, Inc.
Product Photography: Lara Kastner, Tadashi Omura and Zaidan Studio

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Don't get me wrong, I love nice jeans, but I am not crazy about them becoming "too smart" (and I mean that in a digital sense, not a fashionable term).
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