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The Monster, the writer and the lack of blue plaques
The Monster, the Writer and the Lack of Blue Plaques  by Angela Elliott Hollywood 1930 and there’s this guy, Boris Karloff, and he’s playing a monster - Frankenstein’s monster. Only Boris Karloff isn’t his real name. His real name is William Pratt and befor...

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The Debt - Part Three on its way
Part Three of the Venus Squared series is on its way. Here's a snippet from the first couple of pages, to whet your appetite. The Debt, the circumstances of depravity bemoaned by Angela Elliott Chapter One - Spring 1770 Spring came hard on the heels of
a bi...

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18th century nudes - porn or art?
There I was, happily tweeting away on the Historical Novelist Tweet Group on Facebook, when I received a message not to post a picture of a nude woman ever again because it transgressed their rules of nudity. Here's the offending picture. It's by Sir Joshua...

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An anonymous interview
Looking through my files, I found these interview questions. I forget what, why, who, where or when I did them, but here they are with the answers.   WRITING AND YOUR BOOKS: 1.     In 140 characters, what is your book /
series about? 18th century Covent Gar...

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Tom Jones, Henry Fielding's Picaresque Hero
Had Henry Fielding written The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling today,
he might have found it a hard sell. It’s eighteen books in one and
weighs in at just short of 350,000 words. Each of those ‘books’ has an
introduction all of its own, many of which h...

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What happens next? - Plotting and Planning
Okay, so you've got this amazing idea for a book and you dive right in and write until you run out of go. Then what? You put it in a metaphorical drawer (usually a file on your computer) and forget about it? You leave it open on the desktop and worry about ...

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Who is Kitty Ives?
Kitty Ives is the heroine of the Venus Squared series of books, the first of which is The Finish . In this article I discuss her family background and what brought her to work as a prostitute in London's notorious Covent Garden. She was christened Katherine...

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