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"Specifically, Facebook is an integrated social network that is trying to become many different products, and Google offers many different products that it's trying to integrate into a single social network."

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Redid the website again. 

"what makes the gospel offensive isn’t who it keeps out but who it lets in."

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Overcoming Loneliness in the Social World

I stepped out into the fresh snowfall last week to a deafening silence. It was obtrusive to my mind.

At once, I was completely at peace and utterly alone.

Our minds are used to sound. As I sit here typing this I have some classical piano music playing in the background to keep the more mischievous portions of my brain occupied. You know what I'm talking about... those little voices prodding you to open Twitter or check your email again.

The overwhelming lack of noise after a fresh snowfall, can in many ways evoke the same sense of loneliness we feel online when we're not receiving the attention and engagement we desire. 

Social media is very social, as long as someone is talking to you...

...otherwise we can feel alone. Like we're trapped on a deserted island with nothing to talk to but a ridiculous volleyball.

No one should feel this way.

But more often than not this is what happens most social media newbies. Even worse is when someone who's been on social media a while experiences these feelings... it's easy to become exasperated.

Here's the important thing...


Can't give up.

Never give up.

Step #1 of overcoming loneliness in the social world is rededicate yourself building relationships.

Start with one new relationship a week. How do we build new relationships? Get proactive. Search for terms that you're interested in. 

I'm super into photography and storytelling right now. So, if you were me, you'd search whatever social platform you were comfortable with (I obviously recommend Google Plus) for #storytelling  or #photography  and see who pops up. 

Find an interesting post and write a compelling comment about the content. @ mention the posts author so you get their attention. Maybe comment and share a couple more of their posts...
Guess what?

You're making a friend. 

The common mistake on social media is that friends find us. NOT the case. 

If we want to overcome loneliness, if want to build circles of friends and peers and colleagues with which we can discuss those things we find interesting...

We have to go find these people.

Step #2 is repeat this process as often as you can.

That's it... a two step process to overcoming loneliness in the social world. 

This strategy is social media platform agnostic. I think Google Plus is the Bomb Kid social network and enjoy many friends and even more amazing conversations.

I think you can too... I'm happy to have you share in those conversations and I know for a fact many of the awesome peeps in my network here would love to do the same. 

But you have to take step #1. 

Go find those people who someday you will call friends. They're waiting for you and may even be looking for you right now.

If you get stuck, try a Google+ Community. Anything moderated by +martin shervington, +Mark Vang, +Wade Harman, +Christine DeGraff, +Peg Fitzpatrick or +Brian Jensen is going to be great stuff.

Where you recommend someone start to overcome their social loneliness?

#loneliness   #socialmedia   #socialengagement   #contentwarfare  

This is Day #5 of my #visualstorytelling365  project. 

image source:

2014. Let's do this.

Happy New Year, friends. 

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#Social Tip of the day: "Marketers are unlikely to score points with #millennials by just shifting budgets to digital on their flowcharts."
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