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Hancock 2

Another angle on the Hancock building in Boston in a wind storm.
Have a good one fellas!

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Oh the wonders of a wind storm. ~sigh~ We never seem to get any cloud wind around here. Lovely work +Nate Parker :)
impressive work! +Nate Parker (btw. is this a long time exposure?)
Wow Nate. That first one was interesting and cool but this one is awesome. The clouds make it look like the building is on fire. Plus I always liked the Hancock a bit more...
wow +Nate Parker thanks for your informations! usually i do not practise a lot of l.t.exp., but if i see your work i'm getting 'hungry' to try :) – great!
Pure geometry... hated it in school, LOVE IT now!
Thats a great angle Nate, lovely tones too
Hey Mr Architecture very spiffy indeed. Really impressed with your skill set here +Nate Parker and the touch of God is brilliant.
Awesome Nate. Think I dig this one more than the first upload.
The angle here is perfect for the lines through the building. Excellent contrasts that really add to the tallll tower.
hey thanks +Steve-Maxx landeros really had a lot of fun developing these, now back home in the woods and I'm itching for more urban opportunity- the whole "what you don't have you want" kind of thing. Back to the drawing board, have a good one my friend.
Glad to be of assistance my friend, so does that mean I can take some credit, maybe the 10th co-author +Nate Parker.
As are you Sir with your wit and charm along with the odd good photo, just kidding +Nate Parker.I'm really liking where your heading with these image although I do enjoy the Maine scapes too.
+Nate Parker : I like this one more than the previous one.. no particular reason, just something I felt :) .. amazing work!
what a shame for me to have missed this +Nate Parker! Such a beautiful piece of Architecture and lovely image. I love the highlights, make it so un/surreal. And the angles pointing at the sky add so much drama to it!!!
Right on +Julia Anna Gospodarou thanks for noticing. I like this one a lot mostly because it's the first one of these kind of images that I've made that I feel proud of, I have to travel quite a ways to get to architecture so I never do it but I want to try some more. And the Ps techniques that I used I am still very new to. By the way I just had a great idea! B+w abstracts on the way of hot glass! Yeah!
+Nate Parker I love a lot of things about your image, but what I love the most is its originality. I'm so happy when see something different that I almost jump with joy. And I almost jumped when I saw this!! :) (if you want to know why I didn't actually jump, well... it's because I have my laptop on my knees editing a photo and I pity the poor things - laptop & photo - if they were to hit the floor in tandem as I would make a sudden bounce ... oh well, I'm talking too much ...and too silly :)) Bottom line, YES, you should try that on glass. I'm sure something cool will come out of it. Then post a picture of it!
~end of speech~
How cool is that Nate. You made the extract with this most awesome photo :)
The lines on this are just superb.
Love the light tones here - and the contrail is just perfectly positioned
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