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Fallen Log with Ice Beads, Acadia.
I've been dying to make a new photo that I like for a bit now. Been thinking about it kind of a lot lately whereby- when you first start making pictures you photograph everything with mixed results but everything looks amazing to your new camera. After a while you become more selective of what to photograph and learn to do it dependably well. Then after even more time goes by and you don't just want to make the same photograph that you made last year over and over again, it becomes harder and harder to be selective of what to focus on. The graph of that would look like a bell curve. I feel like that's where I am now, and it's sometimes troubling because I'd rather make 3 pretty good shots a week than 3 a month. Maybe I just need to get out more and off the island more. Yesterday I was determined to make a photograph that I like- had a great walk in the woods and breathed some nice spring air, and made this photograph. That's a true story. I at least like it enough to put it on the Googles.
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+Nate Parker absolutely amazing..both tha picture and place geezoman!!
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The Ghost Dories of Seal cove Maine
And it is a beautiful day!
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love it
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Bernard Maine fog.
Photo tech talk re revisiting old techniques with new tools in the constant search for the best workflow, I say the HDR word, and on the run South of the Border in the blog---

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The mood is amazing...
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Nate Parker

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Conch Study-
An image made while whiling away the winter, now that it's spring I'm starting to feel good and alive again enough to head back out there and maybe make some new work.
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Nate..What kind of software is used here?
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Nate Parker

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Oh my word I went to school for this at Berklee in Boston 20 years ago and gave up, but you just freeking blew my mind. Thank you so much! Inspired again.
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Ice Shack Seal Cove Pond.
The winter that keeps on giving is giving again today, can you believe it?! Someday the spring will come-
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Your series of ice shack images is a favourite of mine Nate. Beautiful, luminous tones in this.
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Justin Sprague's Dock and Gear at Bass Harbor, Maine.
(1.) Continuing with the lobster industry landscapes. I've been looking to photograph something else for a while now, I live in a lobstering neighborhood, I work on a lobster boat- 1+1= why not. So far these are the big overviews. I've posted a bunch of iPhone stuff from the boat, but time to get the big camera into the mix more. If it weren't for the fishy fingers...
(2.) I got into an embarrassing fight on the internet today with this dumb-ass over photography. Pretty much I strode up behind him online and smashed a bottle full of empty bytes over his head- because he mad me real mad. Which is embarrassing and a total loss of cool. But I just don't see why it's so important for some people to talk about other peoples methods- as if theirs are so much better. Whatever floats your boat right? Arg! Whatever. But if anybody who knows me saw that whole interaction- (at Petapixel in case you wanna look) I'm embarrassed and hereby publicly apologize for falling for a troll like that. Back to regularly scheduled programming@#$! 
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I can smell the salt air!
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Bass Harbor from Thurstons.
The Rough n Ready and Merton James.
Have a good one!
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The tones create amazing texture and depth.
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Traps Dock Bass Harbor, Maine.
Path to many, many lobsters.
#Maine  , #haveaniceday  
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Hi Nate ! Send me a couple hundred will ya ?~ :-)
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Old Percy.
 A very rare specimen of the exceedingly elusive Deer/Moose. Today's #Photoshop  practice where I took a moose skull and deer antlers and digitally taxidermy'd them together. The idea was to practice compositing layers and blending and refining selections. I never really need Photoshop much for regular landscapes but sometimes I see some amazingly inspiring composites out there that inspire me to check out the process. Julieanne Kost is one of my favorite nature scape compositors and sometimes I think that people like that are the real artists: 
Have a good one!
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beautiful shot Nate
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Nate Parker is a resident of Mount Desert Island, Maine, home to Acadia National Park. He has been photographing Acadia since 2000 when the conjunction of the newly accessible digital camera combined with the overwhelming beauty of the island and the park ignited his passion. Nate shoots through the four seasons and you're most likely to find him out when most other people will be sleeping as he has a penchant for the dramatic quality of morning light and weather. Nate has a deep respect for the photographic tradition and his vision in landscapes is inspired by the classical American photographers of the west and created with modern professional quality equipment on the rocky coasts of Maine and the east. 
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