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Help Us Choose Our First Line! by Jannine Gallant
It's that time of year when the Roses of Prose start thinking about our holiday stories. As we have for the last several years, we will be posting short Christmas stories throughout the month of December. The only common denominator is the first line. That'...

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A Blooming Paradise! by Jannine Gallant
I love Tahoe. Well, I love Tahoe in the summer when we're not buried in snow. After subjecting you to snow pictures all winter, I thought I'd treat you to a walk in the woods and meadow. I took all these on my usual daily hike with Ginger a couple of days a...

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What Makes a Hero? by Mackenzie Crowne
Like many authors, I write what I know and I have solid
ideas about what makes a hero. At the top of my list of hero characteristics is
strength, or perhaps a better word would be toughness. Not that that trait
doesn’t have its drawbacks. Believe me, it’s n...

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Goal setting by Barbara Edwards
Glacier National Park The only way to accomplish anything is to set a goal. Authors know about goals. We set them constantly to reach the final goal of a finished manuscript. What must you do? Shanondoah Valley Set a finish date and figure out how many page...

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Leaving the Nest by Jannine Gallant
My last post was about my oldest coming home from college for the summer and the change in household dynamics. So, I thought my youngest should get the spotlight this time. (Can you tell I'm tired of talking about books? LOL) Kristen graduated from high sch...

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When Your "Adult" Children Come Home by Jannine Gallant
Younger (Kristen) and Older (Tara) Summer break is here. College kids are streaming home in droves...including mine. I'm noticing an interesting change in dynamics around the house. First on the list--grocery shopping. We're constantly running out of food b...

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In Remembrance of Sacrifice by Mackenzie Crowne
Please excuse me for
veering from the usual book format post, but today is Memorial Day. A day to
honor the brave soldiers who stood on the line so that we may sleep in peace at
night and paid the ultimate price. While I am lucky enough not to have lost lov...

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WILDE HORSES ~ Last in a Series by Jannine Gallant
WILDE HORSES, my 4th and final book in the BORN TO BE WILDE series releases on May 23rd. I'm excited, of course, but also a little sad. It's tough saying good-bye to the Wilde family after spending a couple of years with them, writing their stories. I alway...

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My Book was almost a Jannine Gallant
I thought I'd share a funny story with you. This happened a few months ago, and honestly, I'd forgotten all about it until something triggered the memory the other day. Have you ever imagined turning your book into a movie? Yeah, I think we all have, but I ...

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I’d Throw It at The Wall, But I Don’t Want to Break My Kindle by Mackenzie Crowne
With a single glance, each of you could accurately determine
which of the nearly one hundred novels on my re-read shelf are my favorites,
simply by the amount of wear on their bindings. However, my shelf of paperback keepers
is little more than a testament ...
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