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Does anyone want to go to this?
I know it's at the House of Blues, but it's a chance to see a new version of the ISAM tour that I missed... and I'm pretty sure I'd give at least one of my kidneys to go.

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More output from LinearChaos.

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Output from LinearChaos.
Built with Derivative TouchDesigner.

i wonder how much data was transmitted through cell phone towers in the time that it has taken me to write this sentence

i have spent the majority of the last 8 hours simultaneously using 3 IDEs (1-2 debuggers), 2 browsers, 1 virtual machine, 2 bash consoles, and 3 programming languages. it has been a long day. also, i forgot how annoying it can be to suddenly have do do a bunch of stuff in a language that you haven't used in at least 5 years.

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cat and i are going to build our own tower of invincibility once we have an estate on which to build it properly

that "what's hot on google+" thing is getting kind of annoying

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Thanks Microsoft.
Now I can work on python side projects at work and no one will be able to tell the difference.

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Dear iTunes,
I'm not sure that I understand why you decided to totally reset my entire library and then overwrite the data files, permanently removing any possibility of its recovery. I wish that you felt more confident in our relationship and didn't feel the need to do rash things to get my attention. I feel like I was attentive and quite forgiving of your various quirks. I suppose it's good that you finally gave me the motivation that I needed to switch over to Songbird. Still, I can't help but feel hurt that you would so callously discard all of the work that I put into filtering through my music and diligently rating songs, and such.

Dear Songbird,
You are pretty awesome, but I wish that you had basic features like the ability to undo changes to song metadata.
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