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Dr. Michael Law discusses the most common male body contouring surgery in his practice, the correction of gynecomastia.

View more than 1500 of Dr. Law's plastic surgery before and after photos:

Please call 919 256-0900 for more information.
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Dr. Michael Law discusses why smaller breast implant volumes are trending. Dr. Law has been performing breast augmentation surgery with smaller breast implants throughout his entire career.

View more than 1500 of Dr. Law's plastic surgery before and after photos:

Please contact 919 256-0900 for more information. #breastaugmentation #breastimplants #drmichaellaw #plasticsurgery 

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Dr. Michael Law explains how facial fat grafting can help enhance facial volume in slender or thin patients. In very slender patients, fat may need to be harvested from multiple areas in order to obtain enough fat volume for facial fat grafting.

View more than 1500 of Dr. Law's plastic surgery before and after photos:

Please call 919 256-0900 for more information. #fatgrafting #drmichaellaw #plasticsurgery #thin #facialrejuvenation

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Blue Water Spa is proud to re-introduce Mari Lippig, RN, AKA The Needle Whisperer as part of our exceptional nurse injector team.

Mari has over 6 years’ experience as a nurse injector and over 20 years of experience as an RN. She joins our own Nurse Melissa, part of the Blue Water Spa team for over five years, and a nurse injector for 11 years, as one of only two nurse injectors ever to have completed an apprenticeship of 500+ hours in the art of adding volume to the face by working alongside board-certified plastic surgeon and fat grafting expert, Dr. Michael Law, during facial fat grafting procedures. This training provided Mari and Melissa the opportunity to learn the nuances of adding volume to the face in natural way that can literally turn the clock back almost instantly, and can do so by using less product than other nurse injectors.

Mari has been dubbed The Needle Whisperer for her extremely gentle technique and the ability to calm and soothe people with apprehension about receiving Botox or filler.

Mari was hired by Blue Water Spa as a nurse injector to provide natural, conservative results with Botox and filler one year ago. Soon after starting, Mari Learned that a former employer believed she had an agreement that prohibited her from providing services like Botox, Juvederm and Voluma. Mari is a lover and not a fighter, so she elected to let it go. However, Blue Water Spa and Dr. Law were not about to let Mari go! Instead, she honed her already exceptional aesthetic nursing skills by working in the OR with Dr. Law, and receiving extensive training from Nurse Melissa, one of the top nurse injectors in the country and one of only a handful of medical professionals with the distinction of having injected over 1 million units of Botox.

We are thrilled for our clients to meet Mari! Melissa and Mari will both provide beautiful, natural results with both filler and Botox. Rounding out our nurse injector team is BJ, a wonderful Nurse Practitioner with seven years’ experience as a nurse injector at Blue Water Spa. BJ has elected to specialize exclusively in the art of Botox injections.

Please call Blue Water Spa / Dr. Law's office to schedule an informative and no-pressure consultation with Melissa, Mari or BJ to see if Botox or filler is right for you. 919-870-6066.

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10% off ALL gift cards- Free Latisse - Save on Filler and Coolsculpting -EMERGENCY Help needed at Raleigh Rescue Mission!!! Blue Water Spa Clients to the Rescue - Please Help & Share with Friends

Raleigh Rescue Mission URGENTLY needs help. Blue Water Spa wants to support those who come to the rescue of children in need

* 3 Days Only Sat Jan 14, Mon Jan 16, Tues Jan 17. Bring in 5 full sized cans of food or a $10 check to Raleigh Rescue Mission and Receive 10% OFF ALL GIFT CARDS

* With $10 check or 5 cans of food, receive a $25* gift card for Juvederm, Voluma or CoolSculpting

* Purchase a $250 gift card** and receive Complimentary Luxury Robe and $25* gift card for Voluma, Juvederm or CoolSculpting ($375 value) - donation of food or $10 to RRM required

* Purchase a $500 gift card** and receive FREE 3ml LATISSE* plus Complimentary Luxury Robe and $25* gift card for Voluma, Juvederm or CoolSculpting ($735 value) - donation of food or $10 to RRM required

** Purchased gift cards and be used any time after Feb 1 2017 and do not expire. They can be used for any service or product at Blue Water Spa
* $25 gift cards for Coolsculpting or Voluma can be used any time after Feb 1, 2017. Non-transferrable, cannot be used for any other product or service
* 1 robe, latisse and $25 gift card for Coolsculpting or Juvederm per person
* 3ML Latisse while supplies last

This week, the Raleigh Rescue Mission is utilizing their White Flag System. White Flag events are used in the most severe circumstances and is identified by extreme inclement weather and an actual white flag is displayed at the shelter facility. In addition to providing shelter, clothing and hygiene items they provide three hot meals. Blue Water Spa is requesting your urgent help in supplying donations to the Raleigh Rescue Mission.

Blue Water Spa and our clients have been supporters of the Raleigh Rescue Mission for many years. Thank you to our clients for your continued generosity. Please share this information with friends.

Just a few weeks ago, we donated 102 coats and hundreds of new toys, socks and underwear to the Raleigh Rescue Mission, We provided funds to build a nursery for homeless children and have helped to keep the nursery stocked with food diapers, clothing and other essentials. Thank you all so very much for your help.
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Blue Water Spa would like to thank all 269 of our generous and loyal clients for attending our Anniversary & Holiday Party last evening!

Thanks to your kindness and generosity, we have received 102 jackets, hundreds of toys, and dozens of pairs of socks and underwear that will help to support the Raleigh Rescue Mission. Your donations will warm many hearts and help support those in need during this holiday season. 919 870-6066 #bluewaterspa #happyholidays 
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Blue Water Spa is in the giving spirit this Holiday Season! Join us for our Holiday Party this Thursday from 5-8 pm to enter to win these amazing raffle prizes totaling over $10,000 that we will be giving away at the end of the night. Today also marks the start of our 12 days of Christmas giveaway where we will be giving away some amazing Blue Water Spa skin care products through our Instagram page. Each day we will pick a new product or service to give away to our Instagram followers. Go to @bluewatersparaleigh on Instagram to learn about the contest rules and start winning today!!

Raffle prizes:
$200 in LHR
$200 in LST
$200 in Tattoo/Pigmentation removal

Grand Prize: Year of Beauty
6 LST of hands and elbows: value- $1488
6- $350 sessions of LHR: value - $2100
25 Units of Botox every 3 months: value $1200
6- Peels or Microderms with add on Chest and hands, plus LED: value-$2550
4 Syringes of Filler: 1 syringe of Juvederm, 2 syringes of Juvederm Voluma, 1 syringe of Volbella: value- $2800

Total value $10,138

Visit Blue Water Spa's Instagram for a chance to win! 

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The holidays are coming! Blue Water Spa has all of the treatments you need to complete your “Holiday Prep”. Attend your holiday events and flaunt your impeccable skin!

Our Recommended “Holiday Prep” Laser Treatments:

1) Laser Hair Removal for Arms, Underarms and Legs: Throw on your cocktail dress and show off your silky, smooth skin!

2) V-Beam Perfecta: This laser treatment rids your skin of unwanted redness, veins and fine lines. The result? A “perfecta” complexion.

3) Laser Pigmentation Removal: The summer sun has taken a toll on our skin, often causing hyperpigmentation. Laser Pigmentation Removal eliminates pigment and revitalizes the skin with its fast, safe and effective technology.

4) Laser Skin Tightening: Treat any part of the body that may benefit from softer, smoother skin quality, wrinkle reduction, improvement of pore size and texture, or elimination of acne scars. 919 870-6066 #bluewaterspa #laserhairremoval #vbeamperfecta #laserskintightening #laserpigmentationremoval

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“Perfecta” Your Skin Now Before the Holidays!

Don’t forget to prepare yourself to be “holiday ready”. Christmas family pictures, holiday parties, family reunions and New Year’s Eve celebrations are all right around the corner!

V-Beam Perfecta targets rosacea, redness, acne, broken capillaries, fine lines and wrinkles. The V-Beam Perfecta Laser can be the answer for skin so perfect you can be comfortable without makeup.

Actual patient testimonial: “Giving myself the gift of V-Beam has been truly life changing. Since my teenage years, I have always had severe rosacea. I would go out of my way to avoid social situations that might cause my redness to fare up or where I might have to bare my true complexion or – the pool, the beach, skiing and even vacations with family and friends. After receiving V-Beam treatments, I no longer fear being seen without make-up and I’m actually proud to show off my smooth and clear skin. It has made a world of difference in my self-confidence and I am so thankful that I made the decision to receive V-Beam Perfecta.” 919 870-6066 #vbeam #rosacia #vbeamperfecta #bluewaterspa

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Join us at our Holiday & Anniversary Party!

Benefiting the Raleigh Rescue Mission

December 15th, 2016 from 5 - 8 PM

We are accepting new unwrapped toys, gentle used mens, women and childrens coats. New socks and underwear. Many times socks and underwear are overlooked in helping those in need. In fact we have heard from many that even teenage boys have requested these items on their Christmas wish list. We will accept new socks and underwear for people of all ages and sizes.

Raffle tickets will be awarded for the following donations to benefit the Raleigh Rescue Mission:
- Receive 5 tickets per each new toy or jacket
- Receive 2 tickets for each pack of new socks and or underwear
* We will accept donations from 12.08.16 12.15.16. Raffle will be at open house - you must be present to win.


Holiday & Anniversary Party Details:
20% off of all retail and home spa products
- Purchase a $200 gift card and receive a complimentary luxury spa robe or a Blue Water Spa water bottle
- Treat any of the following areas for only $45: upper lip, chin, nose, forehead, sideburns, ears, feet, areolas, front of neck, back of neck, toes, knees, between the eyebrow, cheeks, hands, underarms, perianal
- Receive a FREE Vibrating Plate Treatment
- Receive a FREE LED treatment
- FREE Glo Minerals Makeovers
- FREE Latisse consultations
- Complimentary hand peels & microdermabrasions
- Plastic Surgery Q&A
- Injectable Q&A from the top Botox & Juvederm provider in the Triangle

Please call 919 870-6066 for more information or visit our website at #bluewaterspa #fundraiser #holidayparty 
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