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Unbiased fintech project. We coding expert advisors and indicators, trading forex, making money. Join us 8)
Unbiased fintech project. We coding expert advisors and indicators, trading forex, making money. Join us 8)


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Retail forex brokers business

How many times did you heard kind of offers like free signals, free education, free financial analysis, broker’s analysts services, sign up $1000 bonus, zero spreads, no commission etc? Once and forever you should understand, forex business it’s a business first so no free food in there.

Forex brokers must pay for infrastructure, hardware maintenance, software licenses, staff, services, market connection.. and no doubt you will pay for it.

A / B booking models

There’s two trading execution models of brokers and this is the differences:

A book is direct market access so the broker just sending your orders to A dealer

B book is in house execution so your orders are looping nowhere

Till your broker working only for commissions or spreads and swaps it doesn’t matter which booking model do they have but there’s one thing called conflict of interests and that’s the cause of all problems.

In the traders world there’s greed problemthis thing is making you loser in your trading and this is the biggest problem in the brokers world also.

The brokers who cheating their clients also the losers in this industry. That’s why:

A book brokers interested only in the commissions and as long as you trading they are making money from your trades execution. The more profitable clients they have the more money do they making. That’s why this type of brokers love scalpers who trade frequently because this is more commissions in short period of time for them.

B book brokers have conflict of interestswith you because if you making money – they are loosing money and vise versa. Your trading balance in their company just a numbers since you sent your money to the company this money not yours already till withdrawal to your bank account. That’s why the withdrawal process in this type of brokers takes so long time and sometimes have additional commissions with many problems.

By statistics 95% of traders are losing in trading part of it is the fault of the B brokers they are paying for introduces, gurus, masters who advertising forex trading as easy game, get rich quick scheme for newbies in this industry. And B booking brokers using this statistical advantage to make more money from losing 95% and paying profits from this money the remaining 5 percent of profitable traders.

BUT how they can maximize their gain from this situation?

That’s why they’re using hybrid booking model what it means:
This is B booking but the profitable 5% of traders are linked to the true A dealer connection so in this model all kind of clients making money for the A/B broker, losing traders simply giving their money to the broker company and profitable traders are making profits and paying the commissions and spreads. And this type of the brokers the common in this industry.

Why this happens?

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Today is #NFP #friday secure your trades or close it.
For those who trade red news - big profits to all and good trades execution!
Remember if actual value is greater than forecast it gives strength for the usd currency.

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