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A mint julep masque is no joke. My face is on fire. 

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The Texans take on the Miami Dolphins tomorrow at 7 p.m. at Reliant Stadium. It's time to prepare yourself for the game with THIS Texans TV trailer, and get ready to welcome football back to Houston!

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Kiddo starts middle school tomorrow. He'll be at my school with me. The race is on...who will embarrass who first??!!??

I just finished my Mesh Raglan Pullover! #countyplus

You mean l don't have someone to put all the groceries away for me? Boooooo. Hissssssssss.

The bottom of the tea jar is always sweetest. Blech.

Living room mostly complete (except for the computer desk) and feel very accomplished. Sad I didn't get any crochet time in today, though.

Re-arranged the living room furniture and cleared out more clutter. How does it all accumulate so fast? Ugh.

Wishing i could relax and do some crafty stuff on this rainy Tuesday. Instead, my doggie is sick and I'm having to watch him like a hawk. Idk what he got in to that would do this. Poor baby.
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