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Audrey Tract
Blogger, realist, fashion enthusiast, and practical hippy
Blogger, realist, fashion enthusiast, and practical hippy

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Postnatal Depression
I am finally out of the dark and feel like I can talk about this. This is something I should share, for myself and for any one else that might go through it. Here's the thing: I can't gush. I'm not one of those new moms who goes on and on about how life's s...

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Review: homemade toner
Last month I wrote about running out of my usual toner and trying a homemade version. Now, my hormones have been all over the place since HAM came into this world so my skin has been a bit spotty. The toner has helped a bit but I don't think there is much t...

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Mamalicious wishlist
Most of all, I miss wearing dresses.  Availible at here +MAMALICIOUS  has some affordable, stylish dresses, tops, and lingerie for nursing mums. They have really nice jeans too, for that inbetween phase I seem to be in. Too skinny for my maternity jeans; to...

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Mother's Day
Have a happy Mother's Day Love, Audrey x

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Bad back
Everyday I do these back stretches at least once. When HAM was around 3 weeks old I got a major back ache right between my shoulders. I took ibuprofen and that would dull the pain but it didn't do anything long term. Only a tiny bit of the medicine is trans...

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TV style inspiration: The Good Wife
Julianna Margulies on  +The Good Wife  has got to be the best example of office sexy. The dresses and blazers they style her in always have elegant neck lines that really compliment her figure. I mean it can't be hard to make Julianna gorgeous when she look...

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Nursing clothes on Etsy
I usually go to  +Etsy  for vintage but there is not much in the way of nursing clothes. There is, however, a great deal of beautiful handmade clothes created specifically for breastfeeding moms. I honestly didn't realize how much of my wardrobe wasn't brea...

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I can't have baby brain. Sometimes it feels like the little guy is sucking the smarts right out of me. But I gotta stay sharp. Which is why I try and do brain games every day. I have a free account on  +Lumosity  and I honestly can tell a difference in the ...

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This is the one thing that has returned me to sanity. Before I tried co-sleeping I was a tired, crying, nervous wreck. No one told me that "sleeping like a baby" meant grunting like a trucker every minute or so. Co-sleeping gets a bad rap. I'm sure a lot of...

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THE dress: Keungzai
This is THE nursing dress for me. The one. My soul mate in dress form. Come here gorgeous... £175 at Keungzai +Keungzai   has other nice things too. They are amazing with drapery and flattering the curvy, maternal figure. Follow my blog with Bloglovin
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